Everything that you need to know about Twenty20

Twenty20 is one of the 3 main formats for cricket matches (along with Test matches and One Day International). Matches in https://parimatch.in/en/cricket/twenty20-blast-701af44682254bbd969eeecca8576855/prematch this tournament have a limited number of overs. That is, each match has not a time limit, but a limit on the number of innings. In addition, the match may end prematurely due to bad weather and other factors. Then the duel remains without result. Matches in this league can end with the victory of one of the opponents, a draw, or even without a result. Twenty20 league matches have their own international name – LOI (Limited Overs Internationals).

A Twenty20 tournament match lasts 1 day and consists of two innings. In the first inning, the first opponent hits, and in the other, the second. One inning consists of 20 overs, each over consists of 6 innings. In general, such a match lasts 3-4 hours on average.

For the first time this competition was held in 2003, the founder is the England and Walm Cricket Council (ECB). It was a duel for the Anglo-Welsh counties. But over the years, this tournament format has spread internationally. The first match of the Twenty20 league took place on June 13, 2003. And already in 2007, the first international cricket tournament was held under the rules of Twenty20.

Features of the Twenty20 format

In general, the general standard rules for cricket are used to play Twenty20 league matches. But such fights have their own distinctive features.

One such feature is that clubs can play in any colors. To participate in test matches, the uniform must be white.

Also, in the Twenty20 league matches, a white ball is used, but for test fights, the presence of a red ball is mandatory. This is due to the fact that until 2012, test matches were held only in natural light.

Matches of this league are more suitable for television broadcasts, as the game is quite short and dynamic, not subject to the conservative prejudices of this sports discipline. Twenty20 league matches are a kind of commercial project that has gained popularity even at the level of national championships.

The popularization of this cricket league was the impetus for the development of professional cricket leagues in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. The format has been influential in the development of other forms of cricket and the game in general.

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