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Everything We Know About Project Eve

Project Eve

Credit @ Shift Up

Two years after Korean developer Shift Up released a teaser trailer for its action role-playing game Project EVE, we finally got a glimpse of the PS5 game on Thursday night during a stream. The action game, inspired by the likes of Bayonetta and Devil May Cry 2018 s God of War, comes from a little-known studio called Shift Up Corporation and features impressive graphics and some impressive set pieces.

Last year, South Korean studio ShiftUp released new photos and renderings of the game and teased players with a new trailer in which the studio seemed to be much closer to gameplay. The studio behind Project Eve itself was established by the illustrator Hyung-Tae Kim who has worked on a number of games in the past. Shift first shared a teaser trailer for the 2019 game, Since then, the studio has released gameplay videos in which we get a glimpse of what we can expect from the game. The studio released a sneak peek of the fight in 2019, and Project EVE got its first official gameplay trailer at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2021.

Project EVE is a hack-and-slash action-adventure developed by Korean studio Shift. If you are a fan of intense action games, this is a title that must be on your radar. Project EVE is shaping up to be an ambitious project for Shift as it will blend the methodical gameplay formula of Dark Souls with the dark, dystopian, philosophical world-building of Nier. Fans of the franchise will have something special in-store.

Project Eve

Credit @ Shift Up

We also got a good look at how many weapons Eve owns, and a quick look at some of the non-combat moves, such as a segment in which she had to dodge obstacles while sliding down a narrow tunnel. It seems that the game isn’t afraid to be a little impressed with set-piece animations as Eve meanders through massive monsters. The trailer also showed some of Eves features that look like other games, which is pretty cool.

In the trailer, we see an exciting post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure and an intense action game. The storyline in the first trailer for EVE is reminiscent of fantastic games like the ones on this list. In a PlayStation Blog post, the game teased that it wants to be a fast, thoughtful game in which players can switch between attacks, parades, and defenses. The hostile designs with bizarre Cthulhu-like chainsaws and mobile angels also seem interesting. Everyone talks about the game as if it were a battle-based game with different-looking creatures. The gameplay seems to be very similar to the NiP games, with lots of swordplay, counters, parades, and evasive tactics. The gameplay focuses on hack-and-slash with an emphasis on precise timing.

It also shows that Project EVE will be a different style of play, where players can use features as they wish. It feels more like the god of war, which adds even more spice to the style of play. The four-minute trailer for Project EVE defines the game’s premise and gives a foretaste of the game’s characters and gameplay.

The studio has not yet given a release date, but the game is nearing completion. What we saw in the trailer is that the game will be at the next level in terms of graphics and its physics will be suited to next-generation consoles and high-end PCs. Shift Up has said that Project EVE will be developed to show maximum performance on different platforms. Since they want to be a global multi-platform developer, it will come on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X but it has no fixed release date yet.

Project EVE, an action title, is a PlayStation 5 game with the title character Eve fighting to retake Earth after a devastating invasion. In the game, the female protagonist EVE will compete against a series of distorted monstrosities. Project EVE was one of many upcoming PS5 games that were presented at the latest PlayStation Showcase on 9 September and while some sections of the Ni No Automata fan base criticized the game, calling it a rip-off, Yoko Taro himself remarked on the subject.

Project Eve

Credit @ Shift Up

In the teaser trailer, we see that our main character Eve is probably an android clone who wakes in her shell in a post-apocalyptic world. The video shows Eva fighting unknown invaders who want to reclaim the lost earth after her collapse. Project EVE sometimes seems to channel the Souls games in the trailer, at least the games it is inspired by, like the code in the style of From Software’s Own Bloodborne.

The developers have announced that the game will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X. A recent release focused on the PS5 version of the game, which will be exclusive to one form or another. During a show on the PlayStation, the game was announced for Xbox One and PC, but we have yet to see the game on these platforms. We can’t say when EVE will be released on PS5 yet, but we’ll keep you posted.



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