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“Floki” trends on Twitter following Elon Musk tweet.

Elon Musk’s ability to create a tumult on Twitter with his normal or not so normal tweets is not a new scenario. Elon Musk tweets and Twitter takes a deep breath together. Whether it is a breath or sigh is another question altogether. And now it is the fortunes of Dogecoin that have supposedly changed with a single tweet from the tech mogul whose fingers hold special magic when it comes to anything related to crypto. Here is the tweet that rocketed Floki to the trending list on Twitter.

When looking at this from a normal perspective, it is rather amusing. Someone posts a picture of his pet and the value of Dogecoin goes up out of the blue. The only difference being the person in question is not just anyone but Elon Musk. But are we giving away too much credit to Elon’s tweets and his ability to hide life-altering clues within seemingly normal tweets? It is a good topic for a debate. For now, let us turn our attention to Floki like half of Twitter have.

Responses on Twitter

Musk plays a rather big role in twisting the fate of Dogecoin with normal tweets. In fact, this is not the first time the cryptocurrency prices have jumped following a single tweet from Musk. Although in the beginning Musk was incessantly tweeting directly and indirectly about Dogecoin leading to fluctuations in the prices, he had stopped it a while ago. Perhaps enlightenment struck or perhaps he was just bored. We will never know. However, this sudden halt to the tweets wasn’t a happy change for those who invested in the cryptocurrency taking the words of Musk for affirmation. Following a lot of backlashes, on September 13, the Tesla CEO has once again polished his tweeting skills and quite naturally Twitter is filled with responses. If you are reminded of the story of the pied piper here, it is just a coincidence. Now let us take a look at the responses on Twitter following the very simple tweet.

Is that some sort of hint?

What if we are reading way too much between the lines? What if it’s just a pet owner rejoicing at the arrival of his new pet?

Important lessons.

Debatable point

Talk about celebrated returns.

It indeed is.

Now here are some interesting conversation bits.


Floki will be adorable till the price drops. Just saying.

Another interesting conversation.




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