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Everything You Need to Know About Jared Birchall
The Man Who Manages Elon Musk's Money

Jared Birchall, 47, is the right-hand man of the world’s wealthiest man. Musk’s family office, Excession LLC, is overseen by a former Merrill Lynch banker who is in charge of his $264 billion fortune as well as Musk’s personal affairs. Jared Birchall, Elon Musk’s financial manager and personal friend, has lived up to his status as the world’s richest man.

It’s an understatement to say he’s the most powerful person in Musk’s corporate empire. Many of Musk’s social media followers, on the other hand, are curious in Birchall’s multifaceted position in Musk’s companies. Birchall is also suspected of being the brains behind Musk’s purchase of the microblogging site Twitter. Some believe Birchall is not only Musk’s financial manager, but also has a large stake in his businesses.  Birchall, a 1974 graduate of Morgan Stanley, was recruited by Musk in 2016.

There is no information on Birchall’s remuneration, which might indicate his involvement in Musk’s companies. Many issues surround his lavish lifestyle, which includes a five-bedroom home in the Destiny Hill neighbourhood west of Austin.

Jared Birchall - The Secretive Family Man Who Looks After Elon Musk's  Billions

What do You Know About Jared Birchall

Birchall is also a director at Boring Company, a board member at Musk Foundation, and a member of the Dogecoin Foundation’s advisory board. The Dogecoin Foundation was founded in 2022 after six years of work. In the year 2021, Birchall was named as the manager of Musk’s family office, ‘Excession.’

Birchall was recently named as the manager of Tesla’s new plant, which is being developed by Horse Ranch LLC across the Colorado River. Social media speculation has also pointed to Musk’s investments in Dogecoin Foundation, based on Birchall’s role in the company’s rebirth.

Musk has pushed for the usage of the cryptocurrency, although denying any direct links to the Dogecoin Foundation. Elon Musk recently told BusinessToday.com that Dogecoin should be explored as a payment option in order to improve Twitter.

“Yet little is known about Elon Musk’s holdings, which are managed via the Austin, Texas-based family office “Excession,” one Twitter user said. It was built with the help of Jared Birchall: -CEO of Musk’s Neuralink brain chip firm. Musk Foundation board member The Boring Company was hired from Morgan Stanley in 2016.” “According to Travis County property records, Jared Birchall, who is close to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has been identified as the manager of Horse Ranch LLC. @elonmusk is the CEO of Neuralink and controls Musk’s family office.” “The Dogecoin Foundation is revived after 6 years,” according to a tweet.

The Advisory Board includes Vitalik Buterin, Billy Markus, Max Keller, and Neuralink CEO Jared Birchall. The interests of Elon Musk are being represented. This is a step in the right direction. #cryptocurrency #Dogecoin” “Dogecoin has been re-established.” What’s trending? The Dogecoin Foundation’s official advisory board members are Vitalik Buterin, Billy Markus, Max Keller, and Neuralink CEO Jared Birchall!” Another tweet was sent.

He works from an ordinary eight-story office building on the outskirts of Austin, beneath an underpass.

Merrill Lynch sacked him for “behavior that caused management to lose confidence,” and he went on to enjoy a respectable but unremarkable career in finance; few people had heard of him.

Yet, as the guy Elon Musk sends inquiries to for his $44 billion buyouts of Twitter, Jared Birchall is now overseeing one of the most significant corporate takeovers of our time.

‘When you pick someone to handle the family office, it shows you trust him,’ said Raphael Amit, a Wharton School business expert. ‘And Elon wants to put it up such that he (Birchall) has complete control. Birchall, a 47-year-old married father of five, has worked for Musk since 2016, assisting in the management of a wealth valued at $240 billion as of Tuesday. Birchall maintains a ‘family office,’ which is a private wealth management advice organization that caters to ultra-high-net-worth clients.

According to Amit, he has an exceptionally broad remit. Musk’s family office, Excession, registered him as the manager in 2021, and he is also the CEO of Neuralink, Musk’s brain chip company; a director of Musk’s tunnelling company, the Boring Company; and a board member of Musk’s charitable private foundation. v’Excession’ is the title of Iain M. Banks’ science fiction novel about artificial intelligence.

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Musk was photographed holding the book at a conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, in 2015, a year before Birchall was hired to oversee the family office. Musk stated in 2019 that Excession was staffed by “basically two individuals.” The identity of the second individual remains unknown.

The family offices of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, on the other hand, both employ roughly 100 employees. In 1999, Birchall graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where only 2% of students were not Mormons, according to the Deseret News. Birchall’s Facebook page, which is no longer active, reveals a deep personal faith. According to his LinkedIn, he immediately went to work at Goldman Sachs in New York as a financial analyst after graduation.

He joined Merrill Lynch in Los Angeles in 2000 and worked as a wealth manager for over a decade. According to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) records, Merrill Lynch fired Birchall in 2010 for “behaviour resulting in management’s loss of trust,” which includes “sending letters to a client without management clearance.” Birchall started working as a wealth manager at Morgan Stanley less than a month afterwards. Birchall was well-liked at Morgan Stanley, according to a Morgan Stanley representative, and he departed on good terms.

After six years at Morgan Stanley, he joined Musk’s family office. Birchall’s pay is unknown since family offices are not required by law to publicly disclose their assets or key people. He and his wife, Laura, have five children and reside in a $4 million, five-bedroom estate in the wealthy Destiny Hills neighbourhood west of Austin, some 20 miles from downtown. Laura’s occupation is listed as director of the Bryant Family Foundation in public documents. Benjamin, the couple’s oldest son, is 23 years old. In the vast yard, there is a big swimming pool with waterfall and grotto, as well as sports courts and an outdoor fire pit. There are six bathrooms in the house, as well as an indoor fountain, wine room, and games area.

A 12-car garage is available. Birchall’s contribution has gone beyond cash. According to court records, in 2018, he hired a private investigator to dig into a British diver who challenged Musk’s plan to use SpaceX’s mini-submarine to rescue a boys’ soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand. Musk was sued for defamation after calling the diver a “pedo man” in a comment on Twitter.

During the trial, it was revealed that Birchall, who went by the name James Brickhouse, engaged a private investigator to look into the diver. In court, Birchall stated that he had a “instinct to defend Musk.” The lawsuit was won by Musk. ‘The concept of loyalty is quite essential, especially in the family office,’ added Amit. ‘Because you’re exposed to families’ most sensitive and private difficulties.’

Joshua Brown, who had activated Autopilot technology when his car drove into a tractor-trailer crossing a highway, died in a catastrophic collision in June 2016. During a call between Tesla and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that month, Paul Hemmersbaugh, the regulator’s chief counsel at the time, stated that the agency was launching a formal inquiry into Autopilot.

According to four persons familiar with the situation, Mr. Musk exploded. They said he screamed on the phone and threatened to sue the regulator if the inquiry continued. (The next day, Mr. Musk backed down, and the probe continued. According to financial papers, he delegated logistics and communications from Twitter to Mr. Birchall. Mr. Spiro spoke with the press.

According to securities filings, Mr. Musk also formed three new businesses called X Holdings I, II, and III, which were engaged in funding the Twitter acquisition. Mr. Musk arrived in Boca Chica, Texas, to discuss a new SpaceX rocket engine with an engineering team after winning Twitter last week and celebrating with a post including heart and rocket emojis. “Let’s make Twitter maximal fun!” he wrote on Wednesday.