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Everything You Need to Know About the Orion Protocol


Orion Protocol Liquidity Aggregator | Moonbeam

Orion Protocol will aggregate the liquidity of every single crypto exchange into one decentralized platform, giving a single, non-custodial gateway to the entire digital asset market. It is built on the most powerful liquidity aggregator yet constructed. We’re creating a protocol to connect the worlds of crypto, traditional banking, and real-world assets by offering access to the digital asset market in one location.

Trading is no longer restricted to some of crypto’s most pressing issues. Liquidity, accessibility, scalability, and custody are all totally transformed by Orion to work for you rather than against you.

With Orion, you save time, money, and assets.

The focus is on creating a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of outstanding DeFi goods for customers. With a new perspective on crypto accessibility, Orion establishes new standards and opportunities for novice users, exchanges, and expert traders alike.

Every centralized and decentralized digital asset market’s liquidity, order book depth, and price discovery will be aggregated through the Orion Protocol. This permits the development of the Orion Terminal, as well as a variety of other critical consumer and corporate goods.

Orion Terminal: a decentralized platform that gives consumers access to the whole crypto market’s liquidity without requiring them to ever give up their private keys.

Orion Margin + Lending: Orion Protocol will be the first initiative to provide high-margin trading not seen on a decentralized platform by pooling the liquidity and depth of all major centralized exchanges. By lending their assets in our decentralized margin trading service, Orion users will be able to earn passive revenue on their holdings.

The Orion Developer Kit is an open-source repository that anybody may use to create decentralized apps using the protocol. Developers and organizations will have access to the complete protocol’s capability, allowing them to create sophisticated financial solutions for personal or commercial usage.

Orion Price Oracle: The Orion Protocol allows the industry’s leading price oracle, which is immune to price manipulation since it derives prices from every order book in the market. This is extremely beneficial to external DeFi solutions, which have been routinely abused owing to pricing oracle inefficiencies.

Orion DEX Kit: To be sustainable, blockchains require an ecosystem, yet creating your own DEX may be incredibly costly and time-consuming. Our DEX Kit enables blockchains to quickly create decentralized exchanges that are customized to their chain.

The Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin adds liquidity to any controlled or decentralized market. The Orion Plugin can help exchanges increase order book depth and liquidity.

Orion Enterprise Widget: A layer that sits between crypto projects with utility tokens and all of the token’s market liquidity. Enterprise clients of tokenized projects can buy tokens directly from the platform or website of the project by routing orders via all exchanges that support the token and receiving tokens for instant usage.

Orion Collateral Optimization: Collateral is required by lending platforms. If the value of a loan’s collateral falls below its specified strike price for liquidation, timely liquidation at the best price is necessary to keep the collateral from falling below the underlying loan’s value. The liquidity APIs of the Orion Protocol will allow for rapid asset liquidation across any exchange in the market.

This will allow for the strategic sale of huge amounts of assets without the risks connected with them, preserving token value in the secondary market.

Orion Wallet Swap SDK: With traders increasingly holding their assets in wallets, why not eliminate friction by allowing decentralized asset trading directly from consumers’ preferred wallet? The Orion Wallet Swap SDK enables users of third-party crypto wallets to access Orion’s liquidity through a swap widget incorporated directly into the wallet’s UI. Users of wallets will be able to switch crypto without leaving their preferred wallet, taking advantage of market liquidity without the requirement for exchange accounts. This will ensure that any solution on the market has the least amount of slippage.

The Orion Global Liquidity Pool, which will be made up of the assets of all major third-party wallets, will be the world’s largest liquidity pool. Token holders will now be able to make money off of their unused funds. This is accomplished by making them liquid within the Liquidity Pool itself, which is an industry first for Orion.

Liquidity of the Orion Launchpad: Incubated goods can be released on the project’s own platform. This provides for a smooth transition from the fundraising phase to the real market launch. The project’s and participants’ usability is improved by the simplified approach. This is accomplished by a Whitelabel swap DEX.

Furthermore, any deal made on the swap DEX must be accompanied by ordinary trading costs. As a result, the Daily Protocol Volume and staking incentives increase.

The Orion NFT Aggregator is a popular new tool that, by design, gathers all digital assets into a single decentralized platform. It brings together disparate crypto markets and operates as a centralized order book for users to conduct NFTs.

This collaboration of initiatives provides businesses with a multitude of opportunities to make their products more apparent to users. Through the Terminal, Orion can then provide a far larger range of options. NFT aggregation fees, like other Orion income streams and goods, must be paid in ORN.

Orion NFT Oracle: In addition to Orion’s liquidity aggregator’s already aggregated NFT marketplace, the industry’s first NFT Oracle hints at a more sustainable future for non-fungible tokens.

The NFT Oracle from Orion allows pricing data to be sent back to the market. It adds to a burgeoning and much-hyped segment of the bitcoin market. As a result, it gives an already fragmented environment a worldwide point of reference, increasing fair pricing and collaborative spirit.

The protocol is governed by the Delegated Proof of Broker unique staking mechanism, which handles everything from order execution to clearing to broker governance and everything in between via a decentralized brokerage.

DPoB is made up of two main components: Brokers and Non-Broker Stakers. It was created with the benefits of PoS in mind.

Orion Broker Software is used by brokers with exchange accounts to automatically execute deals routed from the liquidity aggregator. Brokers are chosen to conduct deals based on their holding in ORN, Orion’s native cryptocurrency.

Non-Broker Stakers invest in ORN in order to ‘vote’ for their preferred Broker based on the variable benefit share available. Brokers are compelled to give them attractive rates in order to improve their investment and their chances of getting picked.

Staking payments are created through Orion’s income streams rather than minting new tokens for incentives, protecting the integrity of the underlying ORN token over time.

Brokers never have access to the accounts or funds of traders. When a trader signs an order, he or she is committing to exchange assets under the terms specified in the order message; these terms are signed in the order message and cannot be modified by anybody.

Smart contracts protect traders’ assets, and no cash is transmitted at the time the order is created. The transfer of assets occurs atomically within the smart contract only if the order is filled by a designated broker: the trader gives the sold asset in return for the acquired asset. The exact amounts of assets traded are firmly enforced by the order’s requirements and cannot be adjusted by the broker.

Additionally, broker collateral retained during the brokers’ employment protects traders’ assets. If brokers are found to be engaging in malevolent behavior, they will forfeit their collateral and be barred from the brokerage, with the collateral being used to repay traders.

Orion is decentralized, non-monopolized, and democratic because of its governance framework. More information may be found here.

The ORN token is at the heart of the Orion Protocol. Orion has assured the token’s deep utility across the ecosystem by including it into all major transactions as an internal currency or utility token. It’s essential for payments, staking, participation, and unlocking benefits like trade discounts, oracle usage discounts, and Protocol access.

Orion Terminal: Similar to tokens connected with platforms like Binance, ORN will provide holders with a variety of perks as well as new functionality that will provide users with even more value. Users of the Orion Terminal can get a fee discount by paying with the ORN token, and they can also earn extra transaction fees by staking ORN.

Brokers must stake ORN tokens in order to be picked to conduct deals, while non-brokers must invest ORN tokens to vote for their preferred broker.

Orion Enterprise: Each DeFi solution’s token usefulness is based on the ORN token’s critical function in decentralized brokerage, with every transaction inside each solution serving as a trade executed by a broker. Each transaction’s profit will be distributed in the form of ORN tokens to the corresponding brokers.

Orion has created eighteen various income streams across the protocol, with more on the way, all of which are based on the ORN token. This means that Orion generates both network fees for stakers and operating profit from the start, assuring the company’s long-term viability.

You may have heard of staking in the bitcoin realm and been rewarded handsomely. What if you could make it better? What if you could earn a lot of money by staking your ORN tokens in real-world applications? We’ve done all of the legwork for you.

You receive a portion of the Terminal transaction fee allocated to you by the broker you voted for when you stake your ORN tokens on the Orion terminal. The incentives shared with you increase as the Daily Protocol Volume increases.

Activity through the Terminal might be profitable for individuals staking ORN, with numerous decentralized exchanges currently earning approximately one billion dollars in daily volume and centralized exchanges generating between two billion and over twenty billion dollars daily.

Thank You for reading my article. I hope you found it interesting. Let me know your thoughts about the Orion Protocol in the comment section below.



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