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Everything You Should Know About Starting an Online Ordering System For a Grocery Store


Thinking of ways to innovate your local grocery store? How about introducing your local community to an online ordering system for grocery stores? It’s an economical solution that can help your business prepare and adapt to the new normal and overall digitization of the Food Industry. 

Going into the grocery store indeed provides a therapeutic effect for modern consumers, but what about if consumers just need a few items for their pantry? Especially now that there are still restrictions about going outside and socializing with people, the grocery run that was once an errand your consumers look forward to, might be one of the sources of stress for now. 

This is where you step up. Ease their minds by providing them the convenience of delivering their grocery needs right at their doorstep. This article contains everything you should know about integrating an online ordering system for your grocery store. Read along you wish to keep your grocery store scoring all the sales from your local community. 

Benefits of Introducing A Grocery Store Online Ordering System

While the advantages of having an online ordering system can vary depending on which type of grocery business model you’re running, it is not surprising how beneficial it can be for a simple business. UK consumers claimed that last year’s lockdown pushed them to increase their online shopping activity for groceries. Here are the most common grocery business models and learn how it benefits from online ordering. 

Standalone Grocery Stores

For this type of grocery business, consumers are now allowed to order directly to the website or even an online ordering app directly linked to the grocery store’s website. If you’re managing this business model type, order, delivery, and payment management can be done by you over a single dashboard or platform. 

Grocery Marketplace

Marketplaces are a bit complex and bigger type of grocery stores, thus, it also caters to a larger customer base. Through online grocery ordering, you can create a coherent online ordering and delivery for your products. Consumers support a business that provides a smooth and trustworthy online transaction, if you continue doing this, expect a huge increase in your revenue for your online grocery marketplace. 

Grocery Store Chains

The biggest grocery business model, grocery chains are tough to manage at first because of the different locations and areas they cater to. Incorporating online ordering and delivery on this type of grocery business model can help you manage orders and deliveries with a single platform or dashboard. You can also boost your consumer’s experience by suggesting or recommending to them the nearest store location where they can complete their order. 

Even for a local grocery store, a strong online presence is still important. Everything is now done digitally, and if you need more reasons to convince you that an online ordering system is a key to success in your grocery store, here’s a list. 

Builds online presence

Having a strong online presence is a huge factor in the Food Industry. Through a reliable online ordering system, you can now engage timely and properly with your consumers. You can also arrange it in a way that you can check orders through your social media profiles. Next to online presence, is brand awareness followed by brand retention. Ensure that your grocery store will complete the pattern by providing them with an excellent story and service. 

Increases check-size

Consumers and modern diners are now more dependent on online ordering more than ever. Just in the UK, almost half of the consumers in the aged bracket of thirty-five to forty-four are known to buy their groceries online. You can also check out how grocery delivery software can enhance your online grocery ordering.

Improves marketing 

What comes next if you have created a strong online presence? Free and easy marketing. While there’s no assurance it will work instantly with your target consumers, as consumers’ behavior and buying-decision are easily influenced. But through the digital marketing, your online ordering system has, you are now able to retarget your marketing efforts on how your consumers want it. 

Build your Own Online Grocery Ordering Platform

Whether you decide to create your online grocery platform or you hire an expert to do it for you, it is still important that you know every step to ensure that you’re properly involved in the whole process. But before that, you have to make sure that you know what a basic online grocery platform consists of. 

Here are the basic elements of an effective online ordering grocery platform.

  • A functional website or an app, or both
  • High-quality Images of the whole inventory
  • Secured multiple payment options
  • Accurate and fast contactless delivery service
  • Analytic tool for orders
  • Staff profiles

Create a functional website

For starters, creating your website or app is the first step you should accomplish. Before incorporating online ordering into your grocery business, you should have a platform on where to receive online orders. Your website or app, or both, will serve as your platform. The website you’ll create must be programmed to accept online orders. 

Select the best online ordering platform

There are numerous online ordering platforms available, you must choose the most suitable one based on your grocery business model. Woocommerce, Shopify, and Squarespace are just some of the online platforms that are patronized in the Food and Retail Industry. Check out which suits your business’ demands and needs, and you’re good to go.

It is also important to factor in the payment options you’ll offer to your customers, discuss with your provider about how you want your online ordering service to be, and see how it will go for your grocery store. 

Pick-up and Delivery Options

Offering delivery options for your online grocery ordering is advantageous. It is convenient and time-saving on their end. And while pick-up options contradict the main goal of an online ordering system, it also has its fair share of benefits. The main one should be is the ability to correct or fix any errors while the consumer and the products are still within the premises. 

If you have enough resources to fuel up both options, it is ideal that you offer both. 

Advertise and promote 

As you offer a new service using your online grocery store software, how you spread the word to your local community is a vital factor. Make sure that you have created an outstanding marketing plan and strategy to penetrate the market with your new service. Here are some marketing tips that jumpstart the success of your online grocery ordering service. 

  • Provide essential information – You must inform your customers about your operating hours, delivery area, new items, customer testimonials and reviews, and updated inventory or menu. 
  • Work on your SEO – Hire a local SEO expert that can help you improve your online rankings on different search engine sites. 
  • Try out CRM management – Your online grocery software can capture customers’ details and information that can be helpful for your next marketing campaigns. With the help of the database you’ll create, you’re now capable of launching more engaging and targeted marketing campaigns for your customers. 
  • Use events and seasonal holidays – Is it summer already? Promote your tropical fruits or products that can be used for coolers and refreshments. There are several events and holidays you can utilize to market your online ordering service. Be creative and critical-thinker



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