Facebook acquires Within, a VR fitness app ‘Supernatural’
A subscription-based VR workout app.

Facebook, now Meta announced the acquisition of Within, the studio behind a Virtual Reality-based firm. The developer of this firm is Supernatural based in Los Angeles. It is a workout app.

Supernatural is the premier virtual reality fitness service on Oculus Quest. It has real-life coaches for all of your workout sessions which makes the whole activity more interesting within Virtual reality. Most recently, this app also announced Supernatural Boxing.

It is clearly seen that Meta is making all efforts to turn its potential plan into reality. This acquisition shows that the company has broader plans for its ambitions of virtual reality/metaverse. The company wants to bring the experiences of reality in the virtual world not just by watching digital content but experience by being a part of it.

In a blog post, Within CEO Chris Milk and Head of Fitness Leanne Pedante wrote, “We are excited about this partnership. Supernatural will continue to be operated freely as a part of reality labs. This acquisition will surely expand and bring you even more like music and more creative ways for staying fit, more social experiences of Virtual reality. And for sure, we are still launching new workouts every single day.”

According to the company, their existing staff of managers, coaches, and choreographers will remain with the company and work on a new experience for the app.

Meta’s VP Jason Rubin said, “Like us, we believe Supernatural and their creators surely believe in the metaverse. Together, we will explore and bring new possibilities and experiences to the people and enrich future hardware to support virtual reality fitness apps”. He added that “we believe it will be a massive success in virtual reality where third-party apps can also succeed.

The Financial details about this acquisition have not been disclosed yet.