NASA delays launch of SpaceX Crew-3 due to unfavorable weather

SpaceX and NASA have delayed the launch of four astronauts to the ISS due to unfavorable weather conditions including the flight path. It was supposed to be launched on 31 October, but the 72-hour delay was announced.

SpaceX's Crew-3 astronaut mission for NASA: Live updates | Space
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Now SpaceX is targeting the launch to be on 3 November, at 1:10 am, EDT. The agency officials wrote about the launch as “NASA and SpaceX now are targeting 1:10 a.m. EDT Wednesday, Nov. 3, for the agency’s Crew-3 launch to the International Space Station due to a large storm system meandering across the Ohio Valley and through the northeastern United States this weekend, elevating winds and waves in the Atlantic Ocean along the Crew Dragon flight path for the Oct. 31 launch attempt,”

Forecasters said that the weather is expected to be good with 90% of favorable weather. However, the downrange is still not looking good, as SpaceX needs good weather conditions in the area where the launch is to take place.

Crew-3 astronauts and one spaceflyer

Under the command of NASA”s Raja Chari, the fellow astronaut Ton Marshbud will be polite and Kayla Barron the mission specialist. The other astronaut is from European Space Agency Matthias Maurer, who will be the 600th person to ever go to space.

Holly Ridings, chief flight director for Flight Operations Directorate at NASA’s Johnson Space Center said, “You don’t see many rookie commanders.” Further added,  “It’s really just a testament to what an amazing person he is; he’s incredibly, incredibly capable as they all are. But in particular, he’s just done an outstanding job.”