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Facebook and Google seek requirement for office workforce to be vaccinated

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Source: Honchō

Facebook and Google are two of the largest technology companies in the world and with a pandemic struck down our throats, such large corporations and entities must act responsibly to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the community and to make work a safe place for employees to earn their bread and butter. After almost two years, both of these companies have announced to call their workforce back to offices on a voluntary basis and according to recent reports, have announced to have their office workforce vaccinated as a mandate before joining the office.

Facebook Inc. will require its workers to get immunized and vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus before they return to the Facebook Menlo Park headquarters and other offices across the United States. Lori Goler, Facebook Vice President of People tweeted today about Facebook’s requirement to have their US workers vaccinated before joining the campus.

Similarly, Google announced its requirement for employees to be vaccinated on the same day. According to recent reports, the search engine company has extended its work-from-home policy from September through to October 18th.

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer at Google says that anyone coming to Google offices need to be vaccinated as it is one of the most important ways to keep communities healthy and safe in the months coming ahead, according to an email shared on Wednesday, as mentioned in a report by Engadget.

As the report suggests, Google is said to implement this policy in the United States in the coming weeks, followed by other regions across the globe.

Furthermore, Facebook and Google have announced similar policies for their workforce to finally join campuses after a long pandemic break. The companies have also announced that according to their new policy, they will have a separate process in place for workers who cannot get vaccinated for medical or any other reasons. Both the technology giants have reportedly said that the implementation of this process shall majorly depend on local regulations and conditions.

Anyhow, remote working has branched its way to a new work-from-home lifestyle, and companies across the globe, especially larger corporations including Facebook and Google are embracing the new culture. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this year that its employees can now apply for permanent remote work positions.

Google, on the other hand, is employing a hybrid work mode wherein, starting from October 18th, it will have some employees coming to the office while some enjoying work from home. Pichai says that the company will continue watching the data carefully and notify employees about a month prior to making the full transaction back to the office plan.