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Facebook blocks #ResignModi, later says it was a mistake


Facebook was always known for scandals and glitches. Just like the one that took place recently in India when a hashtag calling for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resign his post was blocked by Facebook for a couple of hours. This happened on Wednesday, April 28 when Facebook censored almost 12,000 posts criticizing the ruling party- BJP. The second wave of COVID-19 proved to be a disaster and damaged the public health badly and the common man did not find the work of the government much appealing. For the same reason, the people took over Facebook with the hashtag #ResignModi.

Facebook users soon noticed that the #ResignModi had been blocked on Facebook and many internet users looking for the content with the hashtag were flashed a notice saying that the posts were “temporarily hidden here” as some content in those posts went against the website’s “Community Standards.”

The Facebook users were fumed and took over Twitter to troll and blame Facebook for blocking the hashtag.

However later it was restored again and the Facebook officials said that the hashtag was removed “by mistake” and that it was an accident. The officials at Facebook issued a statement through Twitter saying that no such order was given to them by the Indian Government. The same was said by the centre that it had given no such order to the social media giant.



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