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With covid vaccines being available on a larger scale, several people were noticed to search for methods to easily access them. Facebook has stepped up to the task by launching its new Profile Frames. This allows users to showcase their support for getting vaccinated with their family and friends. This is also an effort at encouraging people to get vaccinated on a global scale.


Facebook has joined hands with the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services in America to launch this new application. With a similar partnership with National Health Services (NHS) in the U.K, Facebook has managed to approach almost a quarter of the Facebook users where they have seen at least one friend with a Profile Frame. These profile frames include banners like ‘Let’s Get Vaccinated’, ‘I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine’, ‘We Can Do This’  etc.facebook

Facebook has also announced that it would show a list in their news feed that involves all your friends, family, acquaintances, and people you follow who use the new covid-19 vaccine profile frames, therefore, pressing the importance of the first party frames, as they are required to be a part of the list that’s shown to others.


Facebook has taken the lead in providing platforms for users to get verified information about covid-19 and the vaccination procedures. This has helped to reduce the spread of misinformation. They noted that social and collective norms have a huge influence on the perspective and attitude of people and using this fact, vaccination efforts can be pushed to the maximum. The aim of Facebook Profile Frames is to make people see others who take up the vaccine and increase their trust in them which encourages them to do the same. When it seen that most of your friends and family have been vaccinated it was also seen that people have been socially pressured to get vaccinated.



Facebook was also seen to have made another effort to promote global vaccinations. A new application has been released in the United States, that provides you with links to make an appointment with your closest vaccine provider and it also shows its users where you can get vaccinated. This tool also highlights the vaccine providers on a map and gives the required information to make a booking. Facebook has also added their covid-19 info center into  Instagram in their new update. They are also promoting the info center at the top of user feeds and adding new stickers for Instagram stories, helping the users make an effort to maximize covid vaccine awareness.


Facebook has turned into something more than a  regular social media platform by putting out a helping hand to its users and also evolving into something better that matches the requirements of the user.



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