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Facebook has criticized Apple’s privacy policy in Newspaper ads

Facebook has criticized Apple’s privacy policy after the company’s latest iOS update. The latest iOS 14 has brought many features that have increased the privacy and protection of its users. And this means Facebook cannot track user data and show them targeted ads based on their usage pattern. This has and will continue to affect Facebook’s revenue generation.

How has Facebook criticized Apple?

Facebook has criticized Apple's privacy policy

Facebook has gone all out by speaking against the latest privacy policies of Apple. The company said that the new privacy policies make it impossible to show personalized ads, which will devastate small businesses. All the big newspapers, including “The New York Times” and “The Wall Street Journal,” shared Facebook’s view on the new privacy policies.

The ability to not show personalized ads will affect large companies a lot, but smaller businesses will face even more problems. This is due to the simple fact that their revenue generation is much more dependent on the entire process.

Apple’s reply

Apple has very smartly answered the criticism that Facebook has put forward. The company said that they are providing the option for users to get tracked if they desire. And if they don’t then, they can’t be. This shows that they care about user privacy and not just track them anyway, even if they don’t want to. Apple said that they are just standing up for their users and are providing them with a choice.

Monitoring of user data

Facebook has criticized Apple's privacy policy

Apple said that they would start talking about the personal information that is collected by various apps. The company has become very strict regarding the anti-tracking rule and said if any app tries to bypass, that might be removed from the AppStore. It will also release a mandate that will completely prevent users from being tracked all at once. Now they won’t have to go to each app and turn off tracking.

Apple has also said a while back that they will help users understand how apps track their data. This was the point that hurt Facebook’s business a lot and made them go completely kaboom! I still think Apple is right because users don’t have any choice other than complying with the policies of these apps.

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