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Google and Qualcomm to work together on Android Updates

Android OS updates have been a major problem since like ever. Except for Google, every other company makes you wait quite a lot for getting the latest Android updates. So, now Google and Qualcomm have partnered up to help in improving the Android updates situation. It will assist in bringing updates to devices much quicker running on a Snapdragon processor.

More about the latest collaboration between Google and Qualcomm

The latest collaboration will help OEMs to provide the latest Android updates without modifying the Android OS based on the specific Qualcomm tech. It will help companies to use one common software for all Snapdragon devices, making updates phenomenally faster. Additionally, companies will also save a lot of time and money to produce the latest updates for their Android device.

Google and Qualcomm

After the last collaboration between the two companies, Android devices will get 4 years of guaranteed Android OS updates. Alongside the OS updates, it also brings 4 years of guaranteed security patches. The project or this new collaboration is starting with the new Snapdragon 888.

The vice president of Google also said that they are going to work very closely with Qualcomm. This will help them in bringing the latest OS updates to Android users much easier. This collaboration will also help in boosting the security of Android devices by releasing regular updates. It also means that now since Google and Qualcomm are partnering up, Snapdragon devices will be even better optimized and always have the upper hand.

The Future of Android Updates

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There are iPhones that provide all the latest updates to all their devices on day 1 of the announcement. And then there is Android, where the latest Android update isn’t present even in 10% of the total devices. But with the protect Treble, it will become effortless for OEMs to integrate the software with each model’s hardware. This doesn’t mean we can expect iOS-like software upgrades, but it will definitely be much faster than before.

There are many devices that will be very soon to arrive with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. These devices will enjoy the latest features and support that the partnership will bring. With Snapdragon jumping into the wagon of faster and better software updates, we might soon see other companies joining hands with Google too.

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