Fairfax Denies Reports Regarding Considering Stake Sale in Bangalore International Airport

According to recent reports, Fairfax has denied any report regarding the consideration of a stake sale in Bangalore International Airport. Read the entire article to learn about this piece of news.

About the stake

Regarding the stake, clarification regarding what is going to happen to him came hours later. Bloomberg had reported that it is planning to launch an IPO and  BIAL is valued at $3.7 billion as soon as next year. The reports that have come out also came that Fairfax is taking the help of an advisor and will be making an announcement regarding this next year. There were also rumors of the Adani group, who have a large share at the airports in general, asking for a report on the airport.

What is an IPO?

For people who do not know what an IPO is, this article will help them learn about it. It stands for Initial Public Offering. In simple terms, IPO is when a private company sells its shares to the public and gives the company a chance to raise some money. This shift from a private to a public company proves to be a crucial time for private investors. In order to figure out the pricing of the share, and organize the sale, the company needs help and hires investment banks to help to figure this thing out. When the company offers IPO, it is able to earn a lot of money. This money is used by the company to grow and expand the organization. IPOs are an opportunity for investors to invest and to help companies grow to their fullest. Choosing the right company to make the investment is crucial for the investor at this point in time. The process of an IPO takes place in two parts.

source- en.wikipedia.org

The first part is wherein the company advertises and promotes that it is offering an IPO. The second part is the public offering itself and the company chooses its underwriters. The company forms a team that has a mix of everyone, lawyers, underwriters, accountants, etc.

About Fairfax

For people who do not know much about this company, it basically deals with casualty insurance, reinsurance, and associated investment management. The company through its work aims to achieve a high rate of returns on its investments. The company came into existence in the year 1985 and it was founded by V. Prem Watsa. He also happens to be the CEO of the company.