Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC
Credit @ Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Is Coming To Pc

While rumors of a PC version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake have been circulating on the internet since the games launched in 2020, the fact that another PS-exclusive game is coming to PC is very exciting. Final Fantasy VII Remake was first released as a PS4 exclusive and received a next-generation paid update for PS5 earlier this year.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC
Credit @ Square Enix

In this case, we expect Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade to hit Steam after a year in which it is available on the Epic Games Store, which means a potential Steam release date of December 17, 2021. FFVII Remake Intergrade was on PS5, six months before releasing for PC. It was exclusive to the PlayStation platform for just over a year and a half and less than six months for the Intergrade version. Steam fans will have to wait until it hits the Valves store.

This Remake of Final Fantasy 7 tells only the first part of the whole story of Final Fantasy 7 while also sticking to the original storytelling, as well as introducing a new combat system, as well as completely new story elements and much more realistic representations of classic characters. … The remake finally made its way to E3 2019, where Square Enix unveiled several new trailers and announced a release date for the FF7 remakes for PS4.

Square Enix did not announce when the second part of the game will be released, but it is already in development. When reworking an original game, Square Enix breaks it down into multiple episodes. Rather than completely overhauling the entire game, the developers focused all their attention on the starting city of Midgar, turning it into their own game that players can explore.

A better scenario would be Square Enix releasing the part in December to align it with the release of the PC version and providing the full game as a digital download for existing players rather than in parts. But given the big scale of the story, at least a trilogy seems acceptable. We don’t know when the next installment will be, and we don’t expect anything anytime soon given how busy Square Enix is lately. However, the game will be released in just a week, so very soon we will find out if this is a quality port or not.

The Game Awards announced a new trailer containing the base game and expansion pack gameplay. Since then, Square Enix’s official YouTube channel uploaded a trailer for the PC version of Intergrade, showing the high-definition RPG that gamers expect from the game. A new blog post from Square Enix points out that the PC version will receive frame rate improvements of up to 120fps, as well as other Intergrade upgrades, such as new photo modes, HDR support, improved textures, and more.

The open news of the PS4 version makes us optimistic that we will see a remake of “Final Fantasy 7” on the PC. If Square Enix has confirmed any news about a potential Steam version, we will notify you, but if not, please wait for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade to land on the PC through the Epic Games Store on December 16.

This includes visual updates of the game and Yuffie’s Intermission DLC, so players will not miss anything in this version. Square Enix not only announced that the remake will be available on PC through the Epic Games Store, but it will also be a cross-level version of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC
Credit @ Square Enix

Although it was first released on PS4 in 2020 and received good reviews, We are still waiting for it to finally appear in Game Pass or other PC stores. The PC version has been mentioned many years ago, but for some time it was still unique to Playstation. To keep the game running smoothly, the requirements for the PC version come with an Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD Ryzen 3 3100 processor with a recommended 12GB of RAM for optimal performance.

While the original features turn-based combat, the remake turns it into a 3D game with tactical breaks. It was also accompanied by a history of the Intergrade expansion, which also comes with the PC version. This is an improved port that came out earlier this year and was announced last night at The Game Awards. This is not a remaster, but a complete retelling of the original game from scratch.

Unveiled during The Game Awards 2021 live stream, the port will be a PS5 version of “Intergrade” that contains visual updates and an additional narrative campaign focusing on the theft of Yuffie’s Ninja Matter. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade also includes a hilarious new story arc, Final Fantasy VII Remake new DLC, in which the ninja Yuffie Kisaragi comes to the fore during the events of the base game as she infiltrates the city of Midgar and many more.