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Fintech firm Leonteq is offering crypto services in Germany and Austria

Fintech firm Leonteq is now going to offer crypto services in Germany and Austria. The Swiss firm has partnered with a Frankfurt-based bank in order to make this possible. The company was founded back in 2007 and provides structured finance and insurance products. Their prime focus is on the finance and tech sector. And now, they are also shooting their focus on the crypto markets due to the ever-growing demand in the sector.

Fintech firm Leonteq is offering crypto services

Fintech firm Leonteq

The company is going to bring a lot of investment products for investors in Germany and Austria. Reports suggest that they will bring exposure to 18 different assets like BTC, ETH and more. And investors will be able to trade these assets securely in all the 3 countries. This latest move by the company will be of interest to both retail and institutional investors. The company said that they are pleased to work with the bank for the issuance of certificates and crypto-assets.

Leonteq’s scale has allowed them to cover most of the markets and make a lot of profits in the country. The company’s head of crypto offering said that 76% of the German and Austrian markets are now under their services. Unlike other companies, their main aspect is the structured products they are offering. The tracker certificates they issue are actively managed and have been in the markets since 2017. This partnership between them and the bank could be very fruitful for the company and the markets.

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