Key Drivers For “First Amazing Impression” Of Your Mobile App

first amazing impression

There is never a second chance of creating the first impression created by your mobile app. If the users do not like the app idea, there is no second chance.

When we think of the first impression about a person, then it the first few seconds in which the impression is formed and that is what matters the most. Quite often the first impression is not based on your experience or on your level of intelligence, but it depends more on what can be seen or heard in that initial few seconds. This portrait that is once drawn is never likely to change over a period of time.

For the mobile app that you are building, the first amazing impression is indeed a big deal. There is never a second chance of forming the impression created. It is that one chance that you are getting to influence your prospective users as in most of the cases, if the user do not like your app idea, there is never a second chance to win them back. If your product is fulfilling the need, there are higher chances of survival for your mobile app. But, then the first impression is created based on the following factors:

Looks are What Matters

One of the key drivers that decide the first impression of the app, is decided by the visual impression created by the mobile app. Target audience for your mobile app always depends on such factors like age, gender and the geographical location. Visual aesthetics is what caters to the target audience and that is dependent on the above factors.

Creating Control Group

Once your app is developed, download  your app and create a small control group. Then you must try to find out the answers to some questions like reasons for installing the app, what makes you use the app, frequency of using the app and how can the app experience be improved. These are for deciding the app behaviour.


The onboarding experience is comparable to an entry ramp. Onboarding should not be generic or interruptive. But it must be beneficial to the user. Onboarding must specify what the user need to know to get started. Make sure that the onboarding experience must be kept light and simple, so as to increase the usage of the mobile app.

Onboarding generally involves some techniques. For gauging the success of the mobile apps the mobile app analytics comes in handy. In fact, the onboarding experience is optimized by the use of these analytics, which is useful in increasing the retention rate of your app. Skip the onboarding sequence if the user do not want to go for this option.

Lesser are the number of steps in the first experience, higher are the chances of survival.

Segmentation and Clustering

The target audience is often not a homogenous group. Your target audience must be broken down into homogenous Target Group. Catchy invitations can be send to these segments, enabling you to reach individual segments. A cluster can also be formed with these segments. A cluster is nothing but a group of segments serving common interests.

Keeping it Simple

Control group will enable you to identify the mobile habits. You must generate the maximum traction by extending this learning. The first impression must be kept minimal and absolutely simple. The key driver is intuitiveness. You must not create an experience that is confusing for the user, which can have destroying effect on the first experience of your mobile app.

Viral Marketing

There is a concept of growth hack which finds opportunities and spaces, where the targets users are devoting most of their time. Viral marketing is creating a content, which will be liked in the social media. Get the user attention by providing what they cherish.

Associative Branding

Associative branding is beneficial in your app getting connected with the user of mobile apps at a deeper level. So, your app will try to connect with users with a symbol which is associated with the perception of the user. Icons, fonts and colour combination will build the associative branding. This also helps in a Brand Recall, like the icon of Mercedes Benz.

First impression is all about removing the impediments to app usage. It is all about creating the active and engaged users. However, there is no magical formula for creating the first-time experience but what matters are the users.

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