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First-Ever “Automate Boldly” Virtual Expo to be hosted by Epson Robots
Immersive virtual experience that could provide key insights for businesses and enterprises.

Epson Robots

Epson Robots an announcement today regarding its very first virtual expo “Automate Boldly” which will take place on the 25th of May. “Automate Boldly” will be an enriching virtual experience complete with informative presentations and demonstrations, in addition to sessions on the latest technologies, providing manufacturers with a clear and sharp picture of the multitude of automation solutions available in the market.

Epson Robots holds the credit of being the number one SCARA robot manufacturer in the world, with an immense and rich knowledge base, thanks to its experience and leadership in the field of industrial robotics and factory robotics spread across four decades.

“Automate Boldly”

Automate Boldly will open new windows for manufacturers, enriching their knowledge and opening doors for innovation. Unique product demonstrations and critical insights from experienced experts in the field will prove to be an asset for manufacturers, taking them through the intricacies of the technology that could positively impact their business, boosting growth and success.

Speakers like Alan Beaulieu (President, ITR Economics) will provide important and significant tips and insights into navigating businesses in the direction of growth and development. It will open new perspectives and angles from which innovations can be added into the business to yield better and promising results.

The event will include interesting virtual booths that will exhibit the company’s robotic solutions. Attendees will also get a valuable opportunity to easily access the company’s Advanced Applications Engineering team, the whole day.

The technology sessions will cover crucial topics like robot demonstration, robot programming, automation, 3D simulation, parts feeding, etc.

“Automate Boldly” will be an online event, therefore the access is open to all and free of cost.


Epson is a well known name that has left a lasting mark with its innovative and efficient precision technologies and digital technologies. The global technology leader works with a social objective of enriching communities through its work and innovations, adding an extra highlight to its functions. The company works with the prime objective of bringing forth effective solutions for societal issues through its technologies. The ethical element of the company, is very well highlighted through its objective of becoming carbon negative by 2050.

Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation leads the company.

Epson Robots is renowned for its PC-controlled precision factory automation, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a global leader in the field.




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