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Flipkart and OLX partner in a marketing tie up

So want to get rid of your old stuff so that you can buy new one? Try this: Sell your goods on OLX before you buy them on Flipkart. This is the advice OLX and Flipkart will give you as they enter into a new partnership. OLX is India’s number one marketplace for selling used products where as Flipkart is the top destination for online buyers. With the OLX mantra of  ‘sab kuch bikta hain’ and Flipkart’s message to its consumers of ‘Yaha khareedo’, this partnership sounds like a perfect synergy.



The first phase of the partnership will be kicked off with a marketing campaign urging users to upgrade by selling their products on OLX before buying them on Flipkart. Amarjit Batra, CEO, OLX.in, says, “The idea for this tie-up was conceived keeping in mind the strong and independent position of OLX and Flipkart in their respective space. The rationale for the number one online classifieds platform and the leading e-commerce platform coming together for a marketing campaign is a seamless one. This tie-up will enhance consumer experience on OLX and Flipkart by giving users a more holistic online shopping experience in which they can sell their used goods on OLX before buying new products on Flipkart”.

The marketing campaign is expected to run for a month and is expected to include several verticals from the electronics category. Ravi Vora, SVP, marketing, Flipkart says, “With this partnership, we will be able to provide end-to-end solutions to customers, especially in the electronics category where selling sold products is an integral part of the buying process.”

Earlier this year OLX’s competitor in India, Quikr had partnered with Junglee (owned by Amazon), a price comparison portal. This allowed Junglee’s users to compare prices of products across online shopping sites and also find locally available products on listed on Quikr.



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