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Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Offer – Apple iPhone SE 2 for just Rs. 13,000
Apple iPhone SE 2 now for Rs. 13,000 for Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale, do checkout to know more:

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Offer - Apple iPhone SE 2 for just Rs. 13,000

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Offer – Apple iPhone SE 2 for just Rs. 13,000
Image Credits: Apple

Do you want to buy an Apple iPhone for below Rs. 15000 price budget? Sounds impossible right? But not till now as Flipkart Big Billion Day has made it possible for users to get a smartphone, especially the new Apple iPhone for such scaled-down pricing. 

There are several ranges of products that are being sold by Flipkart for discounted pricing for this sale. The sale started back on the 23rd of September and it will be live till the 30th of September.

Although, if you are looking to get in hands with a new Apple iPhone for such a price budget below Rs. 15000 price budget then, this is a great time for you to have a look at this new offer by Flipkart India.

However, to avail of this offer, there are certain ways in which you can get an offer. Let’s take a deep look into how you can get the new Apple iPhone SE 2 on Flipkart for such a massive price discount.

Apple iPhone SE 2 for Rs. 13000 on Flipkart 

Apple iPhone SE 2 is a new budget smartphone availed by the Cupertino giant, Apple. The smartphone soon made its way to launch in Indian markets and it was launched for a price of Rs. 39,900 which is quite expensive within the Indian markets as it’s already been among the most competitive when it comes to smartphone pricing.

Although, for this sale, we already have Flipkart India which has reportedly slashed the pricing down to Rs. 29.990 as a part of the Big Billion Day Sale offer. So, for the initial pricing itself, we already have a discount of up to Rs. 10K.

To take the pricing even down, you can just go with the exchange offer provided by Flipkart India. Here Flipkart India is providing an additional discount of up to Rs. 16,990 where you can trade in your older smartphone and depending on the condition of the smartphone and also its brand, you will be getting an additional discount on the smartphone.

If you consider this offer, you can get the new iPhone SE 2 as low as Rs. 13090 where you can get the 64GB variant model, and also if you are using the same offer for other storage variants where you will get the pricing go as low as Rs. 18090 and then we have a 256GB storage variant whose pricing can go as down as Rs. 28,090.


Apple iPh0ne Se models were launched by Apple as an idea to provide budget-friendly iPhones to users. However, there were small catches and drawbacks to this smartphone where it was said that the iPhone came up with a very outdated design with thick bezels. So, if you are okay with that, then definitely this new iPhone SE 2 can be a great choice for you to go with.



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