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Flipkart to acquire 100% stake in Scapic, an Augmented-Reality start-up

AR in fashion

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Augmented Reality (AR) is the future and Flipkart is bringing us close to that future by their efforts to enhance user’s shopping experience and revolutionising the e-commerce market.

Yes, Walmart owned Flipkart Group has recently announced that it is acquiring an Augmented Reality start-up, Scapic to enhance and improve their user experience. According to sources, the e-commerce giant will buyout 100% stake in Scapic and on-board its team for maximum effort in their unified goal.

Flipkart Group mentioned in a press conference that this acquisition will bring Flipkart ahead of the crowd and Scapic will help to accelerate the company’s efforts to enhance their user’s shopping experiences by providing immersive camera functionality. In addition to this, the company also aims to offer virtual storefronts and create new opportunities for brand advertisements on its e-commerce platform which will boost the company’s revenue quite significantly.

Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO, Flipkart Group talked about the company’s latest acquisition and investments that aim to develop, enhance and nurture the retail ecosystem of India. The e-commerce giant intends to make its platform easier to browse and provide a richer experience to its users in terms of content and overall feel of using the platform. Flipkart welcomes Scapic to the team and with unified goals; customers are definitely going to witness a deeper value.

On the other hand, the Augmented Reality firm, Scapic was founded by Ajay PV and Sai Krishna VK back in 2017. The cloud-based AR technology enables the creation of immersive 3D and AR content which is currently serving several clients across e-commerce and marketing industry.

The AR Company offers a variety of languages for users who prefer local languages, this way the scope of the platform increases to several parts across the country, helping create better shopping experiences for users in categories of electronics, fashion and furniture.

Flipkart Acquires Scapic

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Back in January 2018, the 3 years old Augmented Reality start-up concluded its Seed funding round by raising a total of USD 500,000 from some big investors like Newfort Capital, Axilor and Speciale Invest.

However, Flipkart is on the run and earlier before this acquisition, the company acquired Intellectual Property rights of a gaming start-up, Mech Mocha. Also, back in 2109, the e-commerce giant bought a 20% stake in EasyRewardz, a rewards platform along with another acquisition of a speech recognition company, Live.ai.

The potential of AR is yet to be discovered and implemented, let us see how Flipkart uses this new team of AR experts and what they bring to the table together.



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