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Former eBay Executives Plead Guilty to Harassing Couple
The harassment campaign also involved setting up fake social media accounts and sharing the couple's address online

Six former executives of the e-commerce company eBay have pleaded guilty for harassing a couple. The harassment wasn’t the regular ones you see in the news all the time, but this one involved sending spiders, cockroaches, and other pests and insects to their home. They even sent other grotesque and other disgusting items to their house regularly.

The victims are Mr and Mrs. Iva and David Steiner. The couple are journalists and they run a website together where they review and write about various e-commerce companies. Unfortunately for the eBay, the couple wrote some disappointing reviews on them, bashing them for their services. The six executives wanted this to stop and came up with a plan to execute efficiently.

This campaign to stop them was quite comprehensive and over the top as they sent insects including various species of spiders, some wreaths that are made for funerals, a pig mask smeared with blood, and even some pornography content that was sent to the husband.

Pig mask by Wired

David Harville, one of the masterminds behind this awful campaign even stalked the couple for a while by travelling all the way to Boston and even planned to set up a remote tracking gadget in their car.

They even created multiple social media accounts on multiple platforms and started sending them hate messages, and started cyber harassing them. They even threatened to put their address to the public on their social media accounts.

The 6 of them were caught and charged 2 years ago back in 2020, and Devin Wenig, who used to be the chief executive officer of the company has come out to say that he has no knowledge of any of this but he nevertheless stepped down a year before they were caught. He was also sued by the couple prior to his resignation.

Other top brass of the company has also said that neither have they been involved in such an act, but they also had no idea that the six of them were partaking in such activities until they were informed of it back in 2019 during the investigations. In September of 2019, everyone involved in the events were kicked out of the company.

eBay also did their own investigation with the help of a few law firms to get to the bottom of it and put an end to it. The chief communications officer was also kicked out of the company after the investigation.



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