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Fortnite’s Short Nite Film Festival Is Coming Back On July 23rd

Fortnite’s Short Nite Film Festival Is Coming Back On July 23rd

Epic Games is bringing back one of Fortnite’s most popular events in the Party Royale, and it will return on July 23. Fortnite has announced the Short Nite Film Festival, with screenings of 24-hour Party Royales on the big screen. If you haven’t caught it yet, Short 2 is the first mini-film festival to take place in-game at certain weekends at certain times of the day. In September 2020, Epic launched the Fortnite Spotlight Game Concert Series regular event series, using Party Royale mode to schedule weekly concerts by various musicians and free for all players of the game.

The Short Nite Film Festival, which will be a 40 minutes event that will be shown 48 hours on the big screen of Party Royales, will run from 23rd July 2 pm ET to 25th July 2021 2 pm ET, allowing players to catch up on a collection of films and short films from the party. Fortnite Short 2 returns to Party Royale and Fortnites Friday with 40-minute short films. The festival will feature several animated short films by emerging creators, as well as the debut of the next installment in the GildedGuy animated series Gildedguy: Get Up.

Fortnite’s Short Nite Film Festival Is Coming Back On July 23rd

For those who don’t know, Short Nite is a mini-film festival in Fortnite, where you can chill with other players and watch a series of short films that you may never have seen before. Up-and-coming creators like Simon the Cat and Snail House will also feature their animated online shorts. The game is also the Internet host for the second spherical Fortnite animated quick movie contest, called Short 2, the sequel to the unique sports short film Nite Pageant, which was hosted by developer Epic earlier this year. It’s an excuse to spend time with friends and watch a few short films that you probably couldn’t see as a group.

You will also be able to watch the shows on the big screen in Party Royale mode. Players will be able to see the shorts in 2 standard Battle Royale images as well as picture-in-picture, which will be available at certain times during the event’s inaccessible settings. Arrange a large screen, Call and invite your friends to your home and enjoy some of the best animation films ever created.

GildedGuy Fortnite

Accompanying the BR world premiere will be the next entry in the cult series GildedGuy. To celebrate the event, Gildedguy gets his very first fight on Fortnite Island with a brand new outfit and a bling pickaxe. Epic Games has released the much-needed v1.7.20 update for Fortnite Season 7. To celebrate the release of the GildedGuy character skin and Fortnite itself, the character skin will be available in the Item Shop at 8 pm on July 22. The Gildedguy Skin will also be available in the Fortnite Item Shop, beginning July 22 at 8 pm ET.



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