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Learn how to install Apple’s Beta Firmware on AirPods Pro
All you need to know on how to install Apple's beta firmware on AirPods Pro

The beta firmware for AirPods Pro is now available for Apple developers program members. The firmware which was first released in 2021 is not easy to install and was limited only to developers. Installing the firmware unauthorized may leave your AirPods unusable which requires repair not included under the warranty. Read the risks thoroughly before initiating the download.

Know how to install Beta Firmware on Airpods Pro

  1. Go to the game developer website on your iPhone
  2. Log in and go through the Download section
  3. Click on the carrot on the top right corner of your screen and press on ‘more’
  4. You will see ‘AirPods Pro beta’ and press on ‘View details’
  5. Press on iOSAirPodsProSeed.mobileconfig
  6. Click on ‘Allow’ to initiate the installation
  7. Select the iPhone and go to the setting to tap on ‘Profile Downloaded’ then click on install and enter your passcode.
  8. When you are done installing click on ‘Done’

You will need to allow your AirPods to accept and receive the Beta software.

  1. Ensure you have installed the latest beta version of Xcode
  2. After you have downloaded the configuration profile connect the AirPods to your iPhone. Connect the iPhone to your mac.
  3. Start the Beta app
  4. Open Settings on your iPhone and click on the developer section to choose the pre-release beta Firmware
  5. Find your AirPods in the list of paired devices.

The new beta comes with FaceTime spacial audio and ambient noise reduction features however, customer transparency mode is not included.

Some poking fun at the update

Agree to the legal consent forms and your AirPods are ready to receive the software. Downloading the software is given with a lot of warnings on how to navigate through the process. Unauthorized downloading of the Beta version can leave Airpods unusable which thereafter is cannot be fixed under the terms of your warranty. Make sure you go through the terms and agreements carefully before you initiate this process.

AppleInsider, and Apple itself, strongly recommend users don’t install the betas on to “mission-critical” or primary devices, as there is the remote possibility of data loss or other issues. Instead, testers should install betas onto secondary or non-essential devices, and to make sure there are sufficient backups of important data before updating.

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