Full-Self Driving subscription launched in Tesla cars equipped with hardware 3.0 or above

Tesla Full-Self Driving (FSD) technology is launched in Tesla cars software with a monthly subscription offer. The update is only available in cars with hardware 3.0 or above. With a price range of $99-$199 per month, much convenient than the earlier $10,000 upfront concept.

Tesla Offers 3 Months of Full Self-Driving If You Buy before Jan. 1
Image credits- Car and Driver

In April, Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn already said that they planned for a subscription process that will generate revenue from FSD software. Though Tesla is aware of  “a period of time in which cash reduces in the near term” possibility, they planned to go ahead. During an earnings call, he said, “If … you look at the number of customers who did not purchase FSD upfront or on a lease and maybe want to experiment with FSD, this is a great option for them,”

Furthermore, the subscription is available only in select locations as the technology still needs lane marks to go on its own. If FSD is available in a state or city without Hardware 3.0 or above, then the upgrade costs $1,500. For those who want to try it out and experiment briefly, it is a cheaper option even with an upgrade.

A monthly subscription option will still remind the owner of the payment date if the owner cancels the subscription. There are no refunds or cancellation options.

Not fully autonomous yet

Tesla still mentions that the driver must be attentive and hands-on wheel. According to Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk, fully autonomous vehicles, robotaxis should be available by 2020. But Tesla’s progress is remarkable compared to its competitors Waymo or Ford’s Blue Cruise. Currently, Tesla is the car to provide the most convenient self-driving technology.

While electric SUVs and Sedans already have lane-changing technology and parking assistance, Tesla adds many more features. The other impressive options include autosteer on streets, navigation, emergency braking, collision warning, and many more. With pure vision, the car is able to detect objects in places with fog. While controversies initially looked worrisome, later gained the confidence of their customers.

Recently with the new update, a user was able to drive through Lombard street at low speed without any hurdles. It is the first time the update enabled the car to travel without halting on one of the toughest roads. Additionally, Elon Musk recently added that Tesla cars will soon be able to listen for Sirens and ambulance sounds. The software basically tried to drive like a human with regular cameras and enabling a sound recognition system.