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FVC Free Screen Recorder – The Best Online Recording Tool

During recent two years, video conferencing and online courses are used by more and more institutions and people. After having a video conferencing or online course, you might want to review it to confirm some information and add notes which you have missed during the conference or course. Therefore, you need a convenient screen recorder to help you record the whole process of the video conferencing or online course. And as the best free online screen recorder on computers, FVC Free Screen Recorder provided by FVC Studio enables you to record your computer screen easily at any time.

Part 1: Introduction of FVC Free Screen Recorder

FVC Free Screen Recorder is a free online screen recorder for PC and Mac. With its clear interface, it is easy to use. To start recording the computer screen, you just need to download a small launcher. Besides, FVC Free Screen Recorder allows you to select the output format from MP4 and WMV for your recording video. And there is no quality loss of your recording video.

Part 2: Practical Functions of FVC Free Screen Recorder

  • Record any content of your computer

You can use FVC Free Screen Recorder to capture your computer screen while you are watching a video, playing a game, attending a video meeting, taking an online course, and having video chatting with your families, friends, and colleagues. You can also choose the recording area freely as you like and set the resolution for your recording. What’s more, FVC Free Screen Recorder enables you to record no matter the computer system sound or your voice from the microphone. Thus, you can record the computer sound while you are listening to a song, and having a voice call with others by using this online screen recorder. You can also record the screen with audio through FVC Free Screen Recorder.

  • Set hotkeys and real-time drawing

At the Setting window of FVC Free Screen Recorder, you can set hotkeys to make your screen recording operation more quickly and conveniently. Apart from that, while you are recording your computer screen, you can paint, write, and number contents on the screen in real-time, and you can erase them at any time.

  • View your recording history

After finishing the screen recording, the video will be saved automatically on your computer. And at the History window, you can play and rename it. If you want your friends to watch it, you can share it directly here. You can also delete a recording history if you do not need it any more.

Part 3: How to Record Screen on Windows & Mac Computers

Here is a simple guide for you when you want to record your computer screen with FVC Free Video Converter.

Step 1: Download launcher

Enter the window of FVC Free Screen Recorder and click the ‘Start Recording’ button to download a launcher as the instruction says to activate the service.

Step 2: Adjust settings

Click the ‘Setting’ icon to enter into the Settings window. Here you can decide to show the countdown before recording or not, you can decide to let the screen recorder beep on start recording or not, you can also decide whether to hide the float bar when recording or not. Additionally, you can set hotkeys and change the format, quality, and frame rate for output videos here. After changing settings, please click the ‘OK’ button to save and apply them.

Step 3: Start recording screen

You can click the ‘REC’ button to begin recording your computer screen. Before starting recording, you can adjust the recording area by clicking the pull-down according to your need. For example, if you want to record a specific region with 1280X720 (720p) on your computer screen, you can choose 1280X720 (720p) and then drag the red frame with your mouse to the specific region you would like to capture. And when you need to record the webcam within your computer screen, you can click the ‘Camera’ icon. When you want to record the screen with audio, you can click the ‘Speaker’ icon or the ‘Microphone’ icon.

Step 4: Finish recording screen

While recording your computer screen, you can click the ‘Pause’ icon to suspend recording, or click the ‘Minimize to tray’ icon to minimize the bar. When you want to finish capturing, you can click the ‘Stop’ icon, then your recording video will be saved automatically on your computer.

If you want to draw on your computer screen in real-time while you are recording, please click the pencil-like ‘Edit’ icon on the right of the bar.

Finally, view your recording history by clicking the ‘History’ icon.


If you are looking for a free online screen recorder with easy operations, you can try to use FVC Free Screen Recorder. Many reasons make it stand out, but the most outstanding advantage of FVC Free Screen Recorder may be that it does not have the recording time limitation. What’s more, you do not have to sign in or view advertisements when you use it. Therefore, enter into its window and enjoy recording your computer screen!



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