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G-suite comes back Online after a long outage in many countries and other tech news

1) Google Suite Outage for a few hours: Fixed now

G-suite is cloud computing, productivity tool developed by Google and was launched 1st in August 2006. It has Gmail, Hangout, docs, and many other services integrated into one single place. This helps the user to use all functions of Google without having to jump too much.

But, recently, the service provided by Google has experienced a massive outage. At around 2 pm Australian Eastern standard time users were experiencing problems in sending emails using Gmail. At around 3:30 pm, Google addressed the issue saying that it is looking into the matter. After 40 minutes google updated the status in their dashboard saying that, “We will provide an update by 8/20/20, 6:00 pm detailing when we expect to resolve the problem,”.

During this outage, over 2800 people reported problems with the services of Google suite. According to the reports by Google, the outage affected Gmail, Google Docs, Google meets and google voice, but they have successfully fixed all the problems. These services are good to use again. Other functions of google, like Google Search Maps and Youtube, were also affected but not everywhere. Only some parts of the world have faced the problem in these two services.

Google gave an update explaining the technicalities of the problem, saying:

“We are experiencing an issue with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters using node auto-provisioning becoming stuck during node version upgrades. Node auto-upgrades have been disabled temporarily.”

A similar type of outage happened even last year on August 19. Let’s not go too deep in here and call it a coincidence. But, what is a thing of concern is the dependence we have on Google for its services. A little 2-hour problem caused so many issues to the people, who knows what will happen if their services go down for a whole day or a week.

2. Blackberry announced that it is supposed to bring 5g phones in 2020. We don’t know what’s the new craze but it will anyways an exciting thing to see.


3. Zoom is now available for Smart displays. You can now join a video call only by using your voice on your echo or google home devices.

4. Apple becomes the first US company to reach the milestone of becoming $2 trillion in evaluation.

5. Call of Duty: Black ops cold war to be revealed on August 26 and is supposed to come on PlayStation 5 and X Box Series X.

6. CNET says that the closest-ever asteroid is going to pass near Earth.

7. Lucid claims to have created a technology that can juice up vehicles at a speed of 20 miles per minute.

8. Joint European Torus is trying to make unlimited clean energy using nuclear fusion.

9. Instagram says they are going to show posts from strangers at the end of your feed.



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