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Game Pass Is On Steam Deck Using An Edge Browser

The new beta of Microsoft Edge for Linux now allows the browser to run Xbox cloud games and stream Game Pass games to the Steam Deck. Now, users can stream Xbox Game Pass games on Steam on Microsoft Edge through the Microsoft Edge beta, in addition to a variety of other Xbox Game Studios games that can run natively on the Steam platform. The new Microsoft Edge Beta Microsoft Edge brings Xbox cloud gaming to the browser on the Steam platform, allowing you to stream Recreation Go video games from the browser directly to your mobile gaming PC.

Game Pass Steam Deck

Credit @ Valve

While your Steam library may be large, it’s hard to beat the many games you get access to with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Incidentally, in addition to the Xbox streaming service, you can access several verified Xbox Game Studios titles that are natively supported. The Xbox Cloud Gaming Service allows you to stream a catalog of over 300 Xbox games to other devices, including iPhones, Android phones, and Windows laptops, as long as you have a fast enough internet connection.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft worked on an easier way to disable the Xbox Cloud Gaming Service without having to install a browser. It must be a particularly cold hell of a day for Microsoft to get any closer to supporting a Linux system, although Xbox Cloud Gaming already runs on Linux via Chromium-based browsers, so Microsoft wasn’t exactly pushing the boat.

While the Edge Browser is still in beta, installing the Edge Browser on Valve’s Steam Deck allows players to access some titles from the catalog of games available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Not only does Microsoft make money from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription you’ll have to play, it also lets you try out the Edge browser and games you’d otherwise ignore.

To help Steam Deck owners install the Microsoft Edge beta for Linux, Microsoft has created a support page that provides detailed instructions for installing Edge Beta on Steam Deck and setting up the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. Xbox has released a simple and clear guide along with an official illustration for gamers to add Xbox Cloud Gaming to their Tube library and get Cloud Gaming to work.

Both Xbox and Valve have worked together before and are known in the gaming industry as consumer-friendly companies. In addition, Valve recently released the drivers needed to run Microsoft on Valve’s handheld game console. In February, Valve finally began shipping its Steam Deck handheld game console, which is essentially a Linux-based gaming PC in the Nintendo Switch form factor.

Slowly, Steam Deck is becoming something of a one-stop-shop for those who want something in between the world of console and PC gaming (and also for those who have given up on PC gaming due to the cost and shortcomings of current components). Also, Microsoft seems to be quite involved with Steam Deck as it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that Microsoft released this beta version of the Edge browser for Linux right after the release of Valve’s “console” and even has a page dedicated to the list of games they have developed that has been specially optimized for use with the Steam Deck.

It already works with many off-the-shelf Linux and Windows games, and Microsoft supports it on most of the Xbox Game Studios games available through Steam – those that don’t have a competitive multiplayer component anyway. Valve president Gabe Newell said last month that he would be “more than happy to work with [Microsoft]” to get Valves Xbox Game Pass. Valve president Gabe Newell doesn’t see Valve creating its own Xbox Game Pass rival anytime soon, so it looks like he wants Game Pass to be a bigger part of Valves’ future. While this process may take a while, it turns out you can actually log into Game Pass on Valves’ portable console.



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