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Gamers’ Attempt To Evaluate The Time Spent On Devices Sparks A Flurry Of Memes On Twitter.

Twitter opens up to yet another trend as gamers exhibit unprecedented enthusiasm to evaluate the time spent on various devices. Although it started on a solemn note with a determination to segregate and list the devices and the time spent on them, it soon took a funny curve making way for memes and jokes. Before long, it hit the trending list on Twitter with people going with 0% Xbox, 0% Playstation, 0% Playstation along with 100% of a spectrum of interesting things ranging from normal things to 100% dead inside. Whatever the case, sarcasm slowly creeps in through the walls of Twitter every single time.

From Technical Anomaly To Technological Boon

Gaming is a much-loved pastime for a good number of people. And for some, it is the definition of passion and fun. Video games have been around entertaining masses for quite a long time. What started with Spacewar!

Alan Kotok, Steve Russell, and Martin Graetz playing Spacewar.

in the 1950s went a long way opening windows for booming businesses and fan following that has no comparison. The scientists who used games in their research labs for serious purposes and dissertations would not have thought that they were doing mankind a huge favor. Small simulations on mainframe computers soon made way for games that framed the main theme of entertainment for the years to come.

Are We Spending Too Much Time On Video Games?

Entertaining and fun as it is, video games also come with a downside. Although gamers are oblivious to this most of the time, thanks to the frenzy of gaming that keep them in high spirits, discussions have been conducted on the side effects of video games. After all, there is never too much of a good thing, though yet again gaming enthusiasts might strongly disagree with this point. Video Game Addiction

Although gaming comes with a long line of benefits like the useful exercise of the brain that facilitates mental stimulation, an improved level of sharpness and problem-solving skills, and many more, often it is overshadowed with the criticism of draining out the brain sells because of the monotonous and continuous hours spent on computers. Let’s not forget the ever-looming question of addiction and shirking real-world responsibilities because of the commitment to virtual missions.

Ultimately, it will be safe to use the much diplomatic line that “every coin has two sides.” “Every day has a night” works too depending on the context. And taking the philosophical path, what matters, in the end, is maintaining the right balance though it can seem like a Herculean task with the spectrum of devices available.

Time For An Evaluation

Although the reasons for the sudden enlightenment are still unclear, netizens suddenly decided to take a reality check and evaluate the time spent on devices. It did not take much time before solemnity turned to sarcasm and memes began flowing out. While some 0% idea a why 0% Xbox, 0% Playstation, 0% PC is trending all of sudden, others are 100% determined to play their part with enthusiasm. Here is a snippet of the enthusiasm reflected on Twitter in the form of memes and responses.

Forget games, Twitter and YouTube are the new rulers of the brain cells.

A break is always necessary to avoid a breakdown.

It is sadly funny how existential crisis brings forth the funniest of memes. The world indeed is an ironic place.

Existential crisis never goes out of trend whether it be in the real world or virtual world.