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General Motors announces a new campaign with a brand-new logo

General Motors

Source: CNN.com

General Motors, usually referred to as GM is a US-based multinational company that is known for its designing and manufacturing vehicles and vehicle’s parts. The company is also known to sell financial services along with the marketing and distribution of vehicles and vehicle parts.

To this background of the multinational, General Motors has recently changed its logo after 60 years of being in operation, this is huge. The corporation took the step as a part of its new ‘Everybody In’ campaign that it announced today.

The new campaign announced by General Motors is intended towards reinventing the brand name that it is for so many years. According to the company, the new logo indicates a transition of the generation to Electric Vehicles and as mentioned in a report by Carscoops, General Motors are focusing on three main themes: first, accelerating Electric Vehicle’s adoption by encouraging the new generation of buyers; second, portraying its leadership in the Electric Vehicle segment of the automotive industry, and third, highlighting the new Ultium technology on which the Electric Vehicles will be manufactured.

The automotive industry is rapidly moving towards the Electric Vehicle adoption and even global investors are turning their heads towards the future of the automobile industry. Everyone is eyeing to be the market leader of this new segment and companies like Tesla and Volkswagen are major players in the market as of now for EV space in the global market.

Having said that, General Motors have also accepted this new change and midst the transition, the Detroit-based automaker has announced the all-new Cadillac Lyriq and Hummer EV with many more to come in the near future.

Deborah Wahl, Global Chief Marketing Officer, General Motors has recently spoken about the new campaign wherein he mentions that the corporation is at an inflection point for the mass adoption of Electric Vehicles. He further added that the company has the resources, capability, solutions and technology to bring everyone on EV. He concluded his message by saying that the new brand logo and the new campaign is designed to reflect upon this exact ideology.

The General Motors Logo had not been changed since 1964 and after almost 60 years, the company has decided to change its perspective and introduce its new identity with a new logo.

General Motors are preparing for an electric future and the new logo signifies this digital-first environment. The company further mentions that the logo redesigning team understood the gravity of the situation and the intention behind the company’s new campaign. Thus, the new logo signifies the innovative thinking and creativity across the complete General Motors family.

According to several sources and as mentioned in a report by Carscoop, General Motors is also launching its new website- GM.com which is supposed to go live today i.e., January 11.





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