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Genrobotics secured Rs 2.5 Cr from Unicorn India Ventures

Genrobotics, a Trivandrum based robotics startup, has now secured INR 2.5 crore in a Pre-Series A funding round backed by existing investors Unicorn India Ventures and others.

The startup has deployed Bandicoot robots across the 11 states in the country, and hundreds of sanitation workers went through the rehabilitation process.

“There’s a lot of nervousness about the role of robots and AI in the future. But frankly, if robots can liberate people from this most degrading job in the universe, then I promise I will discard any doubts and always pray at the shrine of technology and robotics,” said industrialist Anand Mahindra.

Vimal Govind, Co-founder CEO, Genrobotics, said,

“Mr Mahindra has offered his full support on implementing Bandicoots in each and every corner of India for putting an end to this dehumanising activity completely. [It] has accelerated the process of [switching from] manual scavenging to robotic scavenging.”



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