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Get airpods for free with your new iPhone 11: Here’s how

The festive season is coming and so are many offers from Flipkart and Amazon. This season you can get AirPods for free on purchase of the new iPhone 11 on Amazon. Do note that these offers and stock might get out of stock real quick and you have to ready when the offers are unlocked.

iPhone 11 was the best selling model by Apple this year. It also comes with Apple’s best in class in-house chipset and excellent camera. The only downside is the 720p display which most Apple buyers can ignore because the panel quality within itself is great.

The special offer on Amazon

The iPhone 11 was launched for Rs 64,990 and was then increased to Rs 68,300 due to increase demand. During normal sales and offers, the price usually fluctuated within this range. But, during the Great Indian Amazon festive sale, the iPhone 11 will be available for a price of Rs 4x,999.

airpods for free

Image Source: Apple

Seeing what a huge discount it will be even if the phone goes for Rs 50k, we expect it to be priced at Rs 49,999. So, how can you get the Airpods for free? Let’s find out. On buying the iPhone 11, you save an amount of Rs 18,000 using which you can get yourself AirPods. The Airpods are generally priced at Rs 18,900, but with an HDFC card, you can save 10% up to almost Rs 2000 (not fixed). And that’s making the Airpods practically free.

This is the best deal we have found on Amazon yet and do remember we expect it to go out of stock real soon. So, if you are interested in getting one, then keep everything ready when the sake starts.

Will you be interested in getting the iPhone 11 for 50k or are you an Android person? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found pour content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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