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7 Popular Methods to Get More Instagram Followers

With more than a few billion users spread across all of the major social networking platforms on the internet today, it’s important to make sure you focus your efforts on Instagram, as it’s continually one of the fastest growing ones out there.

It’s also vital to maintain a high level of engagement on your IG profit page if you want to be considered a trusted business or influencer. This is something you will find that many big name brands and influencers are already doing quite well.

In order for all of this to happen, you need to understand why users are following a brand or account on Instagram, and also the many determining factors on why they might engage with such content and share it with others as well.

All of this and more will be discussed in this social media marketing article today.

1 – Consider Your Options with Promotional Follower Services

Of the many different options out there for growing an Instagram following, there are plenty of paid promotions to consider. Some of the most popular ones are Instagram follower services, automation tools, likes for likes and many more.

Each of these solutions are unique in their own way, along with how effective they will be in actually helping you to grow your following with users that actually engage with your content. 

With all of that being said, it’s important to make sure you consider all of these options and also look for the latest user reviews and ratings that can be found through simple Google searches.

2 – Have a Great Looking Instagram Profile Image

With so many different user accounts on Instagram these days, it’s important to make sure you are actively standing out from the crowd. An excellent way to make a great first impression, is to have a highly engaging and professional profile photo of yourself.

This is something that has worked quite well for many top fashion and entertainment influencers, and if you are trying to grow your personal brand on IG and face presence, this is a must!

3 – Start Following Other Instagram Influencers

If you want to become an influencer on Instagram, you need to start following other influencers and learning what type of content is working best for them.

By following a wide range of accounts, this will help you get a better understanding of what’s working for them on a daily basis, and how they are growing their accounts to new levels each and every month.

To see a list of the top influencers on Instagram using these methods, click here.

4 – Leave Comments and Share Other IG User Content

In addition to following some of the most popular accounts on IG, and other users within your niche market, it’s also important to make sure you are engaging with their content as well. If not, you will just fall into the mix of being another account online that contributes to the clutter and spam already out there.

When commenting on other social profiles, you can use some of these recommended engagement tips to not only make your content stand out, but to also get users to respond to your comments as well.

And when you think about how important it is to get comments and likes on other people’s social profiles, just think about how nice it feels when you start seeing likes, shares and comments come in on yours as well.

5 – Use Trending Hashtags to Get More Exposure

Google allows people to search for websites and blogs by assigning different keywords and search phrases to the many different sites that appear in the search results. With Instagram, it’s all about the hashtags!

If you want your visual content and social updates to rank and be found in IG, you will need to make sure you are using the right IG hashtags — and not always using the same ones, or just the most popular ones.

Remember when we said you should be following and commenting on other influencer accounts as well? Be sure to pay attention to what hashtags they are using, as this will help you reach new audiences for less competitive terms.

6 – Schedule Out Your Social Media Posts

Focusing just on social media and Instagram in itself can quickly add up to several hours per day in additional work. When you factor in all of the account creation, posting content and then engaging with other accounts, it’s almost like a full time job.

A much better option here is to utilize automation and scheduling tools to make sure your content is getting posted every day of the week, while also mixing it up with different hours and time periods. Putting such practices in place will definitely help with getting more traffic to your IG profile page and posts.

This is a good reminder that not everyone is using the internet just when you are, so it’s important to make sure you split test with different times of the day when it comes to posting content to Instagram.

7  – Cross Promote and Tag Other Instagram Accounts

When trying to grow your following on social media, it’s always a good idea to try and cross promote content with other micro-influencers in your same name. This works especially well if you and other accounts share the same type of content and interests.

Another interesting idea that has worked well for growing accounts, is running a content and telling users they must leave a comment and start following others accounts that you are working with.

Try this method out, and also scan through IG to see what other accounts are using these same best practices. Once you see them in motion, it will be a lot easier for you to understand and replicate to your own audience.

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Where and How to Get the Most Social Followers Online

No matter what social media platform is your favorite, the most important thing is for you to make sure you are creating new and engaging content all the time. This is especially true with Instagram, as it’s all about the visual and video content that is created.

In order to grow your following on a daily basis, you need to make sure you are coming out with new content that your audience is interested in and engaging with.

To learn more about this process, read through this social media guide and start implementing such tips and working methods into your daily SMM efforts.



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