Get Your Gig Started With Gigstart !!


Gigstart is a platform that connects event managers, college students, promoters, wedding planners etc,(basically anyone) who wants to book an artist. Given the lack of transparency when it comes to booking artists, this is an extremely helpful tool for both artists and event planners to maintain contact, be transparent about costs and bookings and give the artists visibility.

The service is pretty straightforward – you have artists and talent across various categories which you can browse through and contact for dates and prices. It is the right platform for one if one is an artist, artist manager, event planner or even a student planning one’s college festival.


The Kick-Start Journey Of Gigstart

Gigstart was originally founded by Atit Jain and Madhulika Pandey, while working on another pet project. While working together, they realized the lack of transparency that plagued the system in the event and talent space which led to the incorporation of the company-Gigstart.

KWAN acquired the startup in July this year while the platform itself has been around for a couple of years.

The Linked-Mart Of Gigstart

Before Gigstart’s inception in the market, there were apps like UrbanClap prevailing at the bottom end. But there was otherwise no talent market as such.

In the present time, not a single industry in the world is anti-technology. Usage of technology has revolutionized the entire market. It was ineluctably going to happen in the entertainment sector as well. The underlying scope and the future opportunities in this market is very well depicted by the success of Gigstart in the field.

There are many apps and websites that question the existence of the company. But a marketplace needs actual buyers and sellers to be legitimate (along with credibility and transparency). The company believes that there is no single talent market place in India that can fulfill such criteria. So clearly there is no single line of market serving as a rival for Gigstart.

The Sober Heart Of Gigstart

The past has witnessed the challenges of reaching out to an artist. People didn’t have knowledge about the process of reaching out to an artist, the availability of artists, and the correct price for employing the artist. These have been the three major challenges that Gigstart has successfully overcome.

The involvement of KWAN adds credibility to the company’s services. If a person is booking the biggest star in the country in any field, be it movies or music or sports, then he automatically knows that it’s legit because of the presence of KWAN. The fact that Gigstart is now owned by India’s largest talent business with a track record of providing talent for mediums from television to films to events makes the company a very reliable product and platform.

The USP is the availability of information and complete transparency. On Gigstart, one can know exactly what kind of artists are available, at what price and on which date, no one is pocketing money on this or providing inflated costs or lying about availability. So whether one is an event manager or a mother hosting a birthday party, one finally has access to transparent information about talent.

Working of Gigstart App




The Tart Paths In The Journey Of Gigstart

The most difficult moment for the company was evangelizing and impacting avenues that has never been done before, which is true for every business and every entrepreneur. It’s only when you can prove and demonstrate value and establish credibility, you can scale. Gigstart drives this process and promotes transparency of both pricing and delivery in the talent sector.

The Futuristic Path Of Gigstart

The company is completely funded and incubated by KWAN. They see themselves as being the go-to talent marketplace, across geographies and languages, not just at the national level, but international level.