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Goa Based EV Startup Launches E Bikes
Can Deliver 150 km on One Charge

Video Credits: Kabira Mobility

Kabira Mobility is a Goa based electric vehicle (EV) startup. The founder and CEO Jaibir Siwach is a retired aeronautical engineer who was working with the Indian Navy. The startup, ‘Kabira Mobility’ was launched in 2019. On 25th February 2021 the company opened the KM3000 and KM4000, their latest high speed e motorcycles.

Sagar Siwach who is currently serving as the vice president of Marketing for the Kabira Mobility, posted about the electric vehicles in a recent blog post. He said, “Equipped with combi-brakes, best in class range, fast-charging on board, roadside assistance these electric bikes are as appealing as compared to ICE motorbikes in terms of style and performance.”

He further added that, “These ‘Electric Warriors’ sport modern design with a sleek aerodynamic profile, fireproof battery, geo-fencing, park assist, and many more exciting features.” In a recent press release the company claims that the batteries are equipped with Hi – Performance LFP Cells. This bike is also equipped with a dual hall sensor and a temperature sensor which will improve the durability of the bike.

The KM3000 model comes with the top speed of 100 kmph. This bike is equipped with three riding modes; these are the ECO mode, the City mode and the Sports mode. The ECO mode is capable of offering the battery range of 120 km. The City mode offers the range of 95 km and the Sports mode offers the range of 60 km.

This bike model makes use of the lithium ion batteries and weighs around 138 kg. This bike is capable to provide maximum power of 6000W.

The second model KM4000 has a top speed of 120 kmph. This bike runs on a lithium ion battery too and weighs around 147 kgs. Once the battery is fully charged, this bike can travel this distance of a 150 km. This bike is capable to provide maximum power of 8000W. This bike is equipped with a hi-torque BLDC hub Motor, from DeltaEV.

Image Credits: thebetterindia.com

The press release by the startup Kabira Mobility says, “KM4000 is equipped with an inbuilt onboard charging solution. There are 02 charging modes available. An ECO Charge mode takes an impressive 06 hours for a full charge and Boost Charge mode accelerates the charging process in 02 hours. The bike supports Type 02 Universal Charger that comes with an anti-removable lock, allowing you to charge anywhere, anytime.”

The KM3000 bike is currently available at Rs 1.27 lakh and the KM4000 bike is priced at Rs 1.37 lakh. According to founder and CEO Jaibir Siwach, 93 per cent of the components which has gone into making of this bike are sourced in India, mainly from Pune, Bengaluru and Dharvad.

Jaibir Siwach says, “Our engineers developed these electric motorcycles over one and a half years, which included a rigorous and challenging six-month on-road testing period. Having said that, during the testing and development period, we found that the larger EV ecosystem in India was largely unhelpful, particularly players who have already made their presence felt in the sector.”

He further adds, “Bigger entities in the EV ecosystem did little to help smaller startups like us grow. If they had done more to mentor and help smaller EV companies, the larger electric mobility ecosystem in India would have been in a better place. But that’s just my opinion. Fortunately, many of the smaller startups are growing and breaking through.”





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