Google brings back office perks like massages and gyms

The pandemic is gradually loosening its strangling hold on the world and vague hues of normalcy are slowly filling the canvas of daily life. Companies too are determined to restore the pre-pandemic work environment and it seems like Google has already begun its work to bring back its employees to the office. Office perks like massages and gym facilities are making a reappearence at Google offices, particularly at its Mountain View, California Headquarters, and across the San Francisco Bay area. These new developments are in response to the significant decrease in the number of covid-19 cases in the United States. Looks like the doors of the world are opening up again.


Back To Work?

With the pandemic, came the age of ‘work from home.’ As the threat of the virus prevailed, coming to office for work and engaging with numerous people who could be potential carriers of the virus was absolutely out of question. However, now with the eventual return of normalcy, companies are also determined to get back to the old school ways. There is still a choice for employees to either work from home or come to the office. And those who choose the latter are welcomed back with meticulous attention.

“Based on current conditions in the Bay Area, we are pleased that our employees who choose to come in now have the ability to access more onsite spaces and services to work and connect with colleagues.”

Google and several other tech companies have stressed the significant role of offices in their work culture despite the option of remote working offered to employees. Perhaps the in-office perks like gyms and massages which are making a reappearance at Google offices might be a strategy to lure the employees back to the offices. The company is cautious and stringent about the rules while preparing to go back to the pre-covid work environment. It will be mandatory for employees entering the work sites to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption. Also the local regulations in the Snata Clara County would require the employees there to wear masks. In addition to the office perks, the company is also prepared to lift the temporary weekly COVID-19 testing policies which was put into effect in the month of January.

Although the company had begun permitting workers to return to offices, it wasn’t quite generous with the amnetities. Seems like the scene is eventually changing. The company has made it clear that working from offices is completely up to the employees to decide.