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Google Chrome Has Been Given the Tag of Being the Most Risky Browser of 2022

According to recent reports, Google Chrome has been given the tag of being the riskiest browser of 2022. Only Google Chrome has been tagged this way, out of the many other browsers like Firefox, Safari, etc. Read the entire article to find out the reasons behind this.

About Google Chrome being unsafe

Based on the data provided by the vulnerability database, the browser has had 3o3 vulnerabilities in a period of 10 months which makes it highly unsafe for users. In total, the browser has faced about 3159 vulnerabilities since its existence. It is not the only browser affected by these vulnerabilities but certainly tops the list. After Google Chrome comes Mozilla Firefox with 117 vulnerabilities which makes it the second most vulnerable or risky browser. Third in line comes Microsoft Edge with 103 vulnerabilities in the year the present year. On the other hand, Safari is gaining immense popularity and is the second most used browser in the world. It has the least number of vulnerabilities out of the lot but the app has had a total of 1139 vulnerabilities since its existence.

About Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. Headed by Sundar Pichai, the web browser has some excellent features and settings which help make life convenient and easy. This web browser helps people enhance their productivity by providing easy solutions to multiple problems. When facing doubt or confusion, people usually turn to Google chrome to get their facts right and find the solution to their problems. It helps improve your work performance. With its efficient privacy tools and security features, the web browser takes care of your privacy and makes sure it protects your data from flooding outside. You can go to the settings and structure the browser the way you want it to be. Safari for iOS 14

About Safari

For all Apple users, Safri is a blessing in disguise as it helps people use the internet in the best possible manner through its browsing services. You can search for any and everything and you will find relevant results to your question. Safari is considered to be one of the safest web browsers to use. It has excellent privacy features which protect the user’s data from flooding outside or from getting used in an inappropriate manner. Another plus point about this web browser is that it is the fastest web browser in the whole world which makes an ideal browser for every individual’s needs and day-to-day work.