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Google down- twitter memers upgrading their game up!

2020 couldn’t be more 2020ier! With all that happened during this year, here’s another shock. The most unpredictable year also took Google down. Google services which are bread and breath for millions of people out there, stopped working.

Google down

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In the pandemic world where everything including online classes to meeting with clients runs on the internet, Google service going down really did make an impact. While the Google people were busy fixing the issue with the world at a standstill, Twitter on the other hand was flooding with hilarious memes.


The most common meme- ‘When you google why is google down’?


The issue became known when around 5:12 PM in India, individuals began discussing Google and YouTube being down. It is also believed likewise affirmed the blackout, and this advanced the free for all among many.


Other Google services like Youtube, Gmail also were not working properly.





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