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YouTube goes down around the world- now fixed

Youtube just got out of bed after facing a worldwide outrage which troubled Youtube in streaming videos for a time span of around one hour. YouTube affirmed at 7:23 PM ET that some trouble was up for sure. 2020 is unpredictable, with how even Youtube suffered today we can now say that the statement is official.


The issue seemed to influence different features that utilization YouTube’s working system as well, including YouTube TV and the movies and TV, shows you’d purchase through Google TV (once in the past known as Google Play Movies and TV).

Right off the bat in the blackout, the YouTube site itself appeared to stream fine and dandy. However, users started facing issues like not being able to stream the video and problems with other features of Youtube. It was at 9:13 PM ET, YouTube gave the all-clear that the service was now working.


 YouTube goes down around the world, leaves users in despair however memers on Twitter still save the day.


Memers are always top with their work, even in the most unpredictable of times. It took a little while to make the #YoutubeDown hashtag trending on Twitter. Youtube goes down around the world, the users start tweeting with the memes to be there for each other during hard times.



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