Google forbids a massively popular Android app and urges users to remove it immediately

With Google deleting one of the most popular applications from its online store, there is a new cautionary note for millions of Android users. The American technology behemoth also exhorts individuals who have downloaded it to quickly uninstall the programme from their devices. An urgent alert has been issued due to security issues with the shopping app Pinduoduo. It has been discovered that some versions of this low-cost Chinese retail service, which has about 900 million customers, have malicious software that could endanger user data.

A Google spokeswoman issued the following statement upon announcing the ban: “We have suspended the Play version of the app for security concerns while we continue our investigation.” Along with the block, the American technology behemoth’s Play Protect security programme is also currently preventing any new downloads and advising users who already have the app downloaded to remove it immediately.

The app was removed from play store because it didn’t followed the guidelines made by Google

Millions of Android users urged to check their phones as Google bans  popular app
Credits: Daily Express

In response to the allegations, Pinduoduo’s developers acknowledged that their app had been removed from the Play Store because it “was not consistent with Google’s Guidelines.” A Pinduoduo representative stated, “We are communicating with Google for more information. We have been told that there are several other apps that have been suspended as well. We strongly reject the speculation and accusation that the Pinduoduo app is malicious just from a generic and non-conclusive response from Google.”

The Korean tech company has been informed of the flaw and is developing a patch. But, there is a means to stop an assault in its tracks until that is distributed to devices. Google advises customers to disable Voice-over-LTE and Wi-Fi calling in their device settings to safeguard themselves against new vulnerabilities. Turning off these settings will remove the exploitation risk of these vulnerabilities.

About Pinduoduo

From JD to Alibaba, China is home to several e-commerce behemoths. Although the nation’s e-commerce sector is extremely concentrated, startup teams can still succeed here if they provide the correct solutions to the right clients. That was just demonstrated by the Chinese social e-commerce company Pinduoduo. The firm, which claims 195 million monthly users and has succeeded in China’s very competitive e-commerce sector in just three years, is the subject of growing excitement. One of the biggest deals of the year, the Shanghai-based startup, has raised $1.6 billion through an IPO in the United States.

Pinduoduo is an e-commerce portal that sells various goods, from everyday groceries to home appliances, much like Alibaba’s Taobao and competitor The unique aspect of Pinduoduo is how it incorporates social elements into the conventional online purchasing process, which the firm refers to as the “team purchase” concept.

Pinduoduo can attract consumers cheaply when combined with additional incentives like cash, coupons, lottery winnings, and free goods. Users may establish a shopping team to negotiate a reduced price for their purchase by inviting their connections to join them by posting Pinduoduo’s product details on social networks like WeChat and QQ. The mechanism keeps customers engaged and motivated for a more dynamic and engaging purchasing experience. Pinduoduo quickly went ubiquitous in China because of the added gratification of making a good bargain with your buddies.