Google Health Studies app launched on Android

Research and development in the field of medical science are one of the most essential things for mankind. There are a lot of schools, universities, and institutions that take part in various research activities. But for that, they do need a lot of data from various users, and sometimes they also need volunteers. So, to ease the process, the new Google Health Studies app will help institutions connect with participants willing to volunteer in research activities. As of now, the app is available on Android and takes the help of “federated learning and analytics.”

About the Google Health Studies app

Google Health Studies app

The data that the app collects based on the surveys that a user participates in will be used for research. By contributing proper information, one can help in a better understanding of diseases like COVID and influenza. The research on these diseases is done at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical school.

It will also help in the better understanding of the factors that cause these diseases. Additionally, the researchers also aim to integrate different data like age, traveling frequency, activities, along with COVID to find the way it spreads. The app will be a valuable asset for many institutions and help them gather research data much more easily.

What kind of data will the app collect?

Google Health Studies app

The app will collect data from users mainly in the form of surveys where they will be asked a wide range of questions. Most of the questions might be based on common diseases like COVID and influenza. Users will be asked the kind of symptoms they are experiencing, any form of precautions they have taken, test results, and more. Google will also inform users about the result of the tests and surveys that they are participating in.

And very importantly, that might be a concern for many is privacy. That’s not a concern because Google will be storing the data on the user’s device itself. It will only collect data in a non-distinct format that preserves the privacy part for participating users. So, yes, if you want to help out in medical research, then you can install the app here.

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