Google jobs now a reality, AI bot helps crack interviews
All thanks to ChatGPT that warning bells are going off throughout Google.

All thanks to ChatGPT that warning bells are going off throughout Google. The technology giant is so concerned that in addition to having to issue a code red warning concerning ChatGPT and step up its attempts to deal with the danger that OpenAI’s chatbot poses, it also had to request Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to come back and assist them in overseeing the company until they discovered a solution that could defeat ChatGPT.

Unfortunately, news of a fresh trial seems to make Google’s issue worst. Based on a Google study, ChatGPT is considered so effective and skilled that it could easily generate an entry-level programmer position at Google. A hypothetical L3 post at Google, which corresponds to the rank granted to a beginning computer programmer, was obtained using ChatGPT.

Google has been evaluating its very own AI-based software platforms and chatbot tools, known as Apprentice Bard, in addition to the efficiency of ChatGPT.

They discovered that ChatGPT could truly ace the examinations and interviews that Google performs when recruiting entry-level personnel throughout these testing. One of the hardest tests to pass for a non-government job around the globe is the one used for Google’s recruitment interviews and tests.

While testing out ChatGPT’s abilities against its own upcoming AI chatbot, Google found out that OpenAI’s chatbot can easily clear all exams and interviews to be hired as an L3 engineer at Google.

CNBC reported that Google has been experimenting with a beta chatbot based on its LaMDA interaction engine. In numerous articles, Google tested ChatGPT with LaMDA responses. As stated in an internal report comparing ChatGPT to LaMDA, “Amazingly, ChatGPT is recruited at L3 when interviewed for a coding position.”

When Google engineers questioned LaMDA chat and ChatGPT if they will replace programmers in the future during the test, both chatbots disagreed. “No, ChatGPT and AlphaCode will not replace programmers,” LaMDA said.

Google’s chatbot response was also accompanied by four paragraphs of explanation, including that “programming is a team sport” and that while chatbots “can help programmers work more efficiently,” they “cannot replace the creativity and artistry that is required for a great programme,” according to the CNBC report.

ChatGPT had similar sentiments regarding the future of programming. “It is unlikely that ChatGPT or Alphacode will replace programmers because they are incapable of fully replacing human programmers’ expertise and creativity…programming is a complex field that requires a deep understanding of computer science principles and the ability to adapt to new technologies,” ChatGPT stated in an internal document obtained by CNBC.

Since ChatGPT cleared tests at a US law school and the Wharton School for an MBA, its intelligence cannot be doubted. Meanwhile, students are relying on the AI chatbot to get their homework, which is also causing headaches for teachers. Educators are extremely anxious about this since they feel ChatGPT will restrict pupils’ critical and creative thinking abilities.