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Google Pixel Notepad will Google’s first ever foldable smartphone
The Google Pixel Notepad will be the company's first foldable smartphone.

Google Pixel Notepad will Google's first ever foldable smartphone

Google Pixel Notepad will Google’s first ever foldable smartphone
Image Credits: GizmoChina

For quite some time, Google has been said to be working on a foldable smartphone, and we’ve seen a number of leaks connected to this impending device.

The device was previously referred to as Google Pixel Fold in leaks and rumors about the tech giant’s next release. A report has now disclosed the likely name as well as the reported cost.

New rumors about Google Pixel Notepad

According to a fresh claim from 9to5Google, the first foldable smartphone from Google’s lineup might be branded Google Pixel Notepad rather than Google Pixel Fold. The Google Pixel Notepad is the working name for the next foldable smartphone, according to a person involved with the development. It also reported that the corporation evaluated the Google Pixel Longbook before settling on Notepad.

Though the name has been revealed thus far, it is possible that it will change before the commercial release. In most cases, Google includes a phone number in the name of the smartphone.

This time, it appears that it was withdrawn owing to the foldable form factor, which is a Google experiment that is distinct from the devices in its portfolio. Having said that, we may expect the next generation to fall short on a number of features.

What’s intriguing is that the Google Pixel Notepad name has only been in development for a few days after it was disclosed via animations in the Android 12L release. According to the same, the Google Pixel Notepad and Oppo Find N seem to have a similar design. Due to the bigger screen when unfolded, these may not look like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series smartphones.

The Google Pixel Notepad might employ the company’s own Tensor (GS101) processor, which is paired with a maximum of 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage capacity, according to previous leaks and rumors. When compared to the Pixel 6, the gadget is said to have a lower-quality camera setup.

Leaked pricing for Google Pixel Notepad

Aside from the rumored name, the Google Pixel Notepad is said to be less expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. It’s expected to cost $1,799 dollars. Given that this is the first-of-its-kind smartphone, it’s fascinating to see its progress.

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