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Google to launch initiative to promote COVID-19 Vaccination

Google is launching an initiative where it has decided to spend $150 Million. The goal is to promote the COVID-19 vaccination, spread awareness, and educate the general public. Google is also planning to assist the equitable allocation of the same.

Search Engine to the Rescue

Google has also released an official statement on Monday, stating that they’re declaring that they’re contributing more than $150 million to support vaccine education and equal distribution. Google is also taking steps to make it simpler to obtain locally relevant data, including where and when to receive the vaccine. They also stated that they would be opening up the Google facilities, such as buildings, parking lots, and open spaces to serve as the vaccination center.

Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco,  New York City, and Kirkland are the first phase cities where Google plans to launch the initiative. As the vaccines become more accessible, Google plans to expand its initiative.

Google promote COVID-19 Vaccination

Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google and Alphabet

The Google and Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai, tweeted regarding the same –

Google is currently focused on launching the initiative in its home country, United States. Officials have confirmed plans to take this initiative on a global level and assist other countries.

The Public Reaction

The philanthropic step by Google Boss is well received among the citizens.

Philanthropic Commitments

According to Google, they have assisted several government agencies and global NGOs. Through its Ad Grants Crisis Relief program, Google has taken many steps to create awareness. It made essential public health announcements during the Pandemic. Google has also vouched to invest an additional $50 Million with public health agencies to spread vaccine awareness in remote communities.

Furthermore, The Alphabet-owned company has also said that it will contribute $100 Million in ad grants to the World Health Organization, CDC Foundation, and global non-profits.

Google making our lives easier

“Searches for vaccines near me have increased five folds since the beginning of the year and we want to make sure we’re providing timely and locally relevant answers”

– Sundar Pichai wrote in his post

Realizing that locating the vaccine sites will be an issue for many citizens, Google has taken steps to make it more obvious for people to find the sites on the map.

Following the misinformation and fake news that revolves around the efficacy of the vaccines, Google has decided to counter this problem with the “Get The Facts” initiative to interact with the public and counter misinformation.

Just like the Google Boss said,

“Getting vaccines to billions of people won’t be easy. But it’s one of the most significant problems we’ll solve in our lifetimes,”

– Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google 



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