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Indian government permanently bans TikTok and 58 other apps

In June 2020, the Indian government banned Tiktok and 58 other Chinese apps due to security concerns. At the time, the government gave these apps a chance to clear the cloud of doubt and come back to India. But as these apps weren’t able to provide an apt explanation regarding the same, the government permanently bans Tiktok and the 58 other apps. This decision was taken by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

More about the permanent ban

government permanently bans TikTok

On being temporarily banned, these apps weren’t able to explain how they were storing and using Indian user data. At the same time, some companies did provide an explanation, but that wasn’t good enough for them to be unbanned. So, the concern about security regarding these apps is real. This is why the government finally issued a notice last week saying that all these apps will be banned permanently from the country. Though this seems to be great news for all TikTok haters, for Pubg players it can be problematic.

As of now, PUBG Mobile hasn’t been allowed to enter the country by Meity. And the fact that these 59 apps were banned by the government, Pubg and the other apps banned alongside it might also meet the same fate. This is all taking into account that the app broke ties with Tencent, and also listed jobs for Indians. In fact, Pubg even decided to invest a huge amount in the country, but after all that too Meity stayed strong on its decision.

Does this mean Pubg isn’t coming back?

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Yes, it is almost sure now that Pubg is not going to come back India. Even after waiting for so long, the government has made it very clear that privacy comes first. And if a company can’t comply with that, they can’t stay in the country. If TikTok and these other apps can be permanently banned then the question that has to be asked that is there anything that PUBG has done differently to come back to the country? Well there is nothing that I know about.

TikTok has already tried to provide so many explanations and come back to the country but all in vain. Even now after the permanent ban, the company said that there were the first to comply will the government laws. And even after all that they got banned. See I don’t trust TikTok but as a company they must have tried something to come back to the country but were unsuccessful.

Do you think that the government permanently bans TikTok and 58 other apps is the end of hope for Pubg? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative and useful do like and share it with your friends.

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