New Opportunity : Google Claims That Average Youth Clicks 14 Selfies A Day !


New Delhi, Aug 24 (PTI) : Some call it a craze and a few even term it as a ‘disorder’, but an average youth clicks as many as 14 selfies a day, a study by tech giant Google said.

“Those who spend over 11 hours a day on their phone are accomplishing more –- they take an average of 14 selfies per day, 16 photos or videos, check social media 21 times, and send 25 text messages,” the study said while listing the internet habits of the youth.

On the other hand, an average adult takes four photos or video a day and takes 2.4 selfies.

The average teen takes 6.9 photos/video a day and takes 4.7 selfies, the study found.

People across the world, including celebrities and politicians, are clicking their own pictures and sharing it across social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

The most popular selfies include that of Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscars selfie, Mars Rover’s selfie and Kim Kardashian almost getting attacked by elephant while taking a selfie.

Interestingly, many researchers are studying whether taking a lot of ‘selfies’ is a mental disorder.

Recently, Google launched a separate Photos app adding unlimited free storage. It has also added another opt-in feature that allows users to revisit photo and videos for the present calendar date from a previous year.