Google To Bring Memory Feature On Google Assistant For Android Users
Google to soon add a new memory feature on its Google Assistant app for Android users, here is more details

Google is planning on adding a new support function that allows you to store various types of content in one location. Recently, people discovered the ‘Memory’ element in an APK teardown at 9t5Google.

What Is This Memory Feature All About?

Memory is a simple, fast way to save and locate anything in one place, as Google puts it. Save the content of the computer, including ties, artifacts, posters, notes, and memoranda. There is also an option in the Memory portion to add photographs, videos, and more. The functionality often displays contextual memory-based feedback.

You can view any of them in the wizard with Memory. In addition, with the aid of subject labels, you can arrange them well. You can also look for memories by using the search bar. For easy entry, you can also add a shortcut to the home screen of your computer.

Users can enter the memory from the lower navigation bar in the Memory feed on the Assistant screen after storing a memory. The study states that the reverse chronological order of memories is arranged as cards. In addition, when saving Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, Sites, Jamboards, and other Drive files, special cards will be shown. In the following screenshots, you can look at the Memory feature:

Google Assistant’s new Memory function is internally tested and not open to us until this article is published. However, in the coming weeks, we expect Google to extend its availability. When rolling out, Memory can be a clean integration that improves the assistant’s capacity. Moreover, users can try out and change these settings immediately if they use Google Assistant periodically.

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