Google Will Shut Down Picasa on 1st May !


13 Feb 2016, USA:  Google is shutting down its photo service Picasa from 1st May 2016 and wants all of its users to move to Google Photos for their photo needs.  After 1st of May, people will only be able to view their photos on Picasa.Google had launched Google Photos in May 2015.

Google is expected to stop supporting its Picasa web application from 1st March. Customers who already have the software existing on their machines can continue using it. There wont be any more updates to Picasa in the future.

Google is planing to focus all its efforts on one single photo application – Google Photos instead of diving it between 2 photo services.  The company will provide more functionality that works across mobile and desktop for its Google Photos service .

Google had acquired Picasa from Lifescape in July 2004.