GPT-5 Upgrade Could Bring AI Closer to Human-Level Comprehensio
GPT-5 Upgrade Could Bring AI Closer to Human-Level Comprehensio

GPT-5 Upgrade Could Bring AI Closer to Human-Level Comprehensio

Siqi Chen, a tech entrepreneur and developer, made a claim that GPT-5 will achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) by the end of this year.

This statement has caused a stir in the AI world as achieving AGI would have far-reaching effects on technology and society as a whole. If the claim is accurate, it implies that with a GPT-5 upgrade, generative AI may become indistinguishable from human intelligence.

AGI is the ability of an AI to learn and comprehend any task or concept that humans can, unlike traditional AI, which is designed to perform specific tasks.

Achieving AGI would be a significant milestone in AI research and could potentially boost productivity by accelerating AI-enabled processes and relieving humans of repetitive work.

However, giving an AI so much authority could also have unforeseen and negative effects. It could make it possible for highly convincing, human-like bots to spread harmful misinformation and propaganda on social media platforms, without being detected by humans.

Chen clarified that his claim was not a consensus belief within OpenAI, but that some individuals within the organization believe that GPT-5 has the potential to achieve AGI.

The development of AGI will continue to be an area of interest and concern for researchers and society as a whole, as it represents both a significant technological achievement and a potential threat to society.

GPT-5 Release Expected Soon

In a recent tweet, tech entrepreneur and developer, Siqi Chen has discussed the implications of AI advancements, citing a tweet by Yohie Nakajima about an “AI founder” experiment that impressed him.

In the experiment, an AI was given a goal to create its next task and it continued to generate and reorder its own task list as it executes them.

Chen believes that with the power of chatbot plugins and GPT-5, we are much closer to achieving AGI than many people think. However, the potential consequences of granting such power to ChatGPT-like AI are concerning.

GPT-5 Upgrade Could Bring AI Closer to Human-Level Comprehensio
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In response to these concerns, Elon Musk and over a thousand other tech leaders and researchers signed an open letter, calling for a pause in the development of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4.

The letter highlights the potential for AI development to accelerate the spread of false information and propaganda and suggests that halting progress beyond GPT-4 would be in humanity’s best interests.

The letter calls for AI labs to pause training for at least six months and for governments to step in and institute a moratorium if such a pause cannot be enacted quickly.

Overall, the potential impact of GPT-5 on the tech world remains uncertain, and much will depend on the actual capabilities of the technology if and when it is developed.