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Say Hello To The All New Savings App From GrabOn !

grabon app

After years of helping consumers ‘save on everything’, GrabOn has finally launched the app in an effort to continue helping online shoppers save more. This app comes from the creative minds behind Buzz (real time savings notification) and the GrabOn extension (an automated discounts engine with automatic coupon code applying feature).

You can now experience the seamless and smooth couponing experience on your smartphone screens. Released primarily on Google Play, the GrabOn app will be coming soon to the Apple App store.

There are quite a lot of savings and coupons app out there, so why should you sit up and take note of GrabOn’s app. Well, among many other amazing features there’s the signature immersive experience and an industry first Night Mode. Sounds interesting? That’s just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Innovative In-App Shopping Assistant: The app comes with an Shopping Assistant called GrabOn Shop Assist. It pops up when you’re using any merchant app say Amazon or Uber and displays a list of coupons relevant to your purchase. Now, you’re free to choose the offer or discount you like and voila..money saved!
  • Powerful Search Capability: This is a standout feature in an app that has a lot of features packed in, now that’s saying something! The search bar displays your recent search history for use in the future. But what makes it special is the trending search that lists out the hottest brands, stores and offers in case you forget a big sale that’s on the cards.
  • Rich and Immersive Experience: GrabOn is known for it’s rich, clean user experience and a friendly interface. The Savings app from GrabOn follows in the footsteps as the design is clean, simple and simultaneously is highly functional. The home screen is immersive and leaves you the room to browse by category or by store and find the right offers.
  • Accessibility of Coupons & Offers: The coupons and offers are easy to access and apply. You can choose them from the app while browsing through your favorite stores and categories or as they pop up while you’re in a merchant app. Click, copy the code and paste it while checking out to get the discount.
  • Impressive Night Mode Feature: Introducing the night mode feature for the first time in a savings app, we at GrabOn let you do all the coupon hunting while we take care of your eyes and your phone’s battery life! Night time coupon browsing just got a lot easier on your eyes.

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There’s still more to come in the form of:

  • a very well built global navigation that allows you to maneuver in and around the app very smoothly.
  • Amazing In Category Offer Suggestions, while you’re making your way through categories choosing and picking coupons you want.
  • a personal profile page to keep a track of all the coupons that you save and the stores you follow. These will come in handy in the future.

Not convinced yet? Why not try out the app yourself, GrabOn !



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